Poll: Return of the Poll - Can you do the “Asian squat”?

Also known as the “slav squat” or “third world squat,” referring to a squat position in which your hamstrings rest against your calves. The one you might assume when using the squatty potty.

It has only recently come to my attention that not everyone is physically able to do this, usually because they have never done it before, and lack the required flexibility or have insufficient ankle/hip mobility. Although some people can learn how to later, over time, by stretching in that position against a wall or using some other form of support.

Please indulge my sick curiosity.

  • Yes, I have always been able to do it
  • Yes, I learned how to do it
  • Yes, but I cannot comfortably sustain it
  • No, I physically cannot

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I can’t. I think my physical portions make it hard. Also not being as flexible and tearing my knee ligaments plus broken ankles probably don’t help.

Hurts my knees, and I can’t balance well.

I have no problems with it. It’s second nature for me, especially in Taiwan. Now all I have left to do is get the magical ID card and start parking my car in a way to block off as much traffic as possible and soon, I will be Taiwanese.


I can do it, but I can’t hold the position for more than a minute or so. How people manage to stay in that position for so long is beyond me.

I can do it, but I choose not to because it makes you look like a total hayseed. We have this newfangled invention called chairs…


Actually I do wonder whether it’s bad for the joints in the long term.

It’s probably ok if you’re joints are able to flex enough.

I can’t do the squatting toilets. Awful time when I was in the army. I come out sweating because it’s takes so much effort to not tip over.

Definitely kind of inappropriate to just hang out in public in squat position. Find a bench or a curb, it’s not hard.

But it’s quite useful if you’re just squatting down for a bit to smell the flowers or to talk to a little kid in a nonthreatening manner.

This I wholeheartedly endorse. But if you have gas, you need to consider the fact that assuming the position can result in rapid, and possibly embarrassing, expulsion of said gas. Not that that’s necessarily a faux pas in Taiwan.

Some of them have bars you can hang on to so the force of your big number doesn’t launch you into the ceiling. I guess they wouldn’t have that sort of luxury in the army, though.

Might be worth noting that I was tipsy when I made this poll and now am definitely drunk.

Oh my god, the number of times I hear middle-aged and older folks shamelessly fart in my immediate vicinity. But you know what grosses me out more? The burping. I fucking hate hearing people burp!! I would honestly rather everyone in the room rip ass than be subjected to one nasty burp.

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Even worse when you can smell it…sometimes garlic, sometimes sesame oil chicken with rice wine, sometimes general “refrigerator odor.” :hushed:

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I can’t touch that :face_vomiting:

I feel you, but also I have on my person at all times a little pack of tissues AND wet wipes AND antibacterial wipes. I am ready for anything. I am never not strapped.

Who’s drunkposting now? harharhar

I come out from a toilet sweating in general :0

Yes, me.

Actually the poll was inspired by a conversation I had with some fellow bar-goers. I was surprised to learn that both foreigners and locals alike are or were unable to squat. I really thought most able-bodied people could do it.

What is it like to go to a bar?
I’m scared of them tb

Not for knee joints but wrecks spine/spinal discs.

Cows can squat?

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