Poll: The ugliest building in Taiwan

I thought of what topic I can start to get a “Started a valuable thread” chop and came up with this one:

Name the building you think which is the ugliest in Taiwan, preferrably a landmark (and not your neighbours house).

Since I haven’t been much out of Taipei I vote for the TaiPower Building, a huge squarish block with the typical bathroom-tile facade.

Even the ugliest concrete and rusted iron Taiwanese monstrosity has nothing on the king of ugly buildings: AIT.

Taipei 101.

They’re all ugly.

There are so many! Look in any direction in any urban area and you’ll see at least one, with plenty more scattered around in rural parts too. As so many achieve the ultimate extreme of ugliness, beyond which nothing could be any uglier, it’s well nigh impossible to pick out a single building as the worst of them all.

Why focus on the ugly, which is ubiquitous, when you can talk about the beautiful here.

The two face-ones: Taipei 101 and that Mitsukoshi turd.

So I am not the only one anymore who thinks 101 looks like it’s a giant 1960s comprehensive school. With big white plastic bits attached.
Do architects go to school for seven years here?

Other favourite ugly buildings.

Petrol (gas) stations.
Formosa oil petrol stations are THE UGLIEST creations I have ever seen. I definitely think blind people could come up with better designs and materials.
What happened to the Chinese? Actually Asians in general!
I don’t think it’s because I’m from Europe either. I think Thailand is hardly much better in a lot of cases. Japan while clean and neat is unnoteworthy. The only decent buildings in Taipei were built by the Japanese and even then they were copies.
Did they take a wrong turn down the beauty superhighway a couple of hundred years ago and decide , we will outcompete the communists in square concrete buildings with non-descript tiles and small windows.

You are so negative. :wink:

Taipower Building… yeah. Nast. My better half says that was listed in his high school text book as the tallest building in Taiwan. So what… do we have to make our tallest building heinous looking? Why?

But actually my true vote would be for AIT. HORRIBLE. Matches the attitude of the guards out front who didn’t apologize when they dropped my cell phone and radio on the ground. Poopieheads.

I don’t mind Taipei 101. Looks kind of nice from the surrounding mountains. But I don’t like that massive building in Kaohsiung. It reminds me of one of those Transformer action figures.

They’re all ugly. Buildings designed by accountants.

no, no, I didn’t do it… not me!!!

com’on, why are you guys so negative, I think the 101 is okay, not as bad as TaiPower, but do keep in mind that some of they are just old and are designed a long time ago. Some of them have a great deal of historical stories behind it. Some are even designed by the Japanese back in the days…

I vote for Taipei 101.

Also, I dislike residential buildings with huge “Greek” pillars and “European” style gardens (the ones with statues and stuff).

Almost everything built from the 1950s to the 1980s is ghastly. But quite a lot of the more recent erections are every bit as good as their counterparts in Western cities around the world. If only all the rest could be knocked down and replaced with more such contemporary upmarket buildings, Taipei might have a chance to become an aesthetically pleasing and even a rather stylish city.

I’ve yet to make up my mind about Taipei 101 – the initial impression isn’t too good, but there’s still a chance I might grow to quite like it.

from a distance, 101 looks a lovely cool blue against different shades of blue mountains… i think it will grow on everyone like the Transamerica building in SF did.

101 isn’t great, but it’s hradly ugly when compared to the typical concrete blocks. The ugliest building in Taiwan is your typical grey on-the-cheap old aprtment block. Some of the landmark buildings look nice, some are silly, but at least they provide some variety. Even those stupid Greco-Roman apartments are better than the old concrete blocks. Far-Eastern looks really good. Shin-Kong Mitsukoshi looks nice.


Taipei 101 looks, to me, like square green tumblers stacked up real tall. My husband says it looks like the evil LOTR tower. But I guess it is a lot better than anything else around it.

I lived in the Tuntex building in Gaohsiung. It really does look like a transformer thing. And the design of the department store inside is so bad that no one liked shopping there when it opened. I’ve heard it’s closed now.

to me 101 with its stacked-V shape gives the distinct impression that it could topple at any second. perfect metaphor for taiwan! i like to think it’s an intentional effect.

any evergreen building gets my vote. my favorite is the evergreen hotel on sungjiang rd. yeah! i want to stay in a puke green building.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs building on Ketagalan Blvd gets my vote for the ugliest building.
It’s just a grey concrete box, and it looks even uglier when you consider it’s surrounded by classic buildings like the Binguan across the street, the old NTU hospital building, the Presidential Office …