Poll: What's in Jimi Hendrix's Wishing Well? A Circus? Serpents? Or Something Else?

What is Jimi Hendrix saying at about 2:52 to 2:54 of this song?

  • (1) “About the circus in [or and] the wishing well. . . .”
  • (2) “About the serpents in the wishing well. . . .”
  • (3) Neither (1) nor (2); he’s saying something else.
  • (4) I don’t know.

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Why don’t you ask jimi?

His most famous misheard lyrics were, 'Excuse me, while I kiss this guy."

My all=time favorite mishears lyrics are the following by Deep Purple:

Sloooooooooooooooow talkin’ Walter
The fire engine guy

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Well, since he wants to be your prisoner, would you ask him for me?

“About the circus in the wishing well”

jimi has spoken.

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