Poll: why do/did you stay in Taiwan?

Why do/did you stay in Taiwan?
  • Employment (teacher)
  • Employment (executive/white collar)
  • Employment (blue collar)
  • I’m studying here
  • I have a business here
  • I have a Taiwanese girlfriend/wife/boyfriend/husband
  • Covid refugee/hostage
  • I came intending to stay for a limited time (to teach, explore, etc.) and fell in love with Taiwan
  • I’d like to leave but can’t find an alternative location/situation that’s better
  • I wouldn’t have anything to complain about if I left
  • I’m Taiwanese!
  • I don’t know
  • Wait. This isn’t Thailand?!?
  • Other

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There’s no “I like it here” category.


That was my reason too.


Several for me… Came ago stay for a limited time and really liked living there, teaching for a few years, white color another few, hard to transition back after having been there a while…


My reasons are mixed. I first came for my Taiwanese guy, stayed because it’s so easy to live here, continue to stay because there’s no way I’m leaving during COVID… and also, just stayed so, so much longer than anticipated.


I came intending to stay for a limited time and would like to leave but can’t find an alternative employment that’s better.


I came for one reason without knowing how long I’d stay and then I changed reasons and I don’t know what to do anymore about this island that I love and hate.


Universal healthcare.


Taiwanese. Can’t go elsewhere. Immigration laws of various countries prevent me from doing that. Unless I’m highly wealthy/successful (I am not) those laws are designed to keep people like me poor. China is a possible option but I don’t know anyone there. I just hate that there are almost zero expat community in Taiwan and those that are here seems unfriendly. Maybe China has better expat community.

Foreigners are leaving China in droves.


Higher salary + lower taxes + lower COL = earlier retirement. More time off and proximity to nice countries to visit helps too, at least during non-pandemic times.


I like Taiwan. High Taiwanese dollar makes Canadian income less attractive as well.

And I own a business here.


How is it that you’re so strongly affected by the size of the expat community in your own country?

Because im only taiwanese on paper.

And why are expats so uninvested in the country they go to? Because theyre all rich guys who looks unto that country with contempt?

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No kid option? A lot of foreigners stay here because their local ex has fugged them and they dont want to abandon their children. This is sadly quite a common reason to stay in taiwan.


Got it. Yeah, that’s a crappy situation. I don’t know the answer to your questions, but I wouldn’t say many of the expats I know here are contemptuous. I think most of us are thankful to be here, especially during the pandemic. I would agree that we aren’t particularly invested, but I think that would change at least a little if we were allowed citizenship. Then again, maybe your experience contradicts that theory of mine. So then the question is what keeps YOU from being more invested even with citizenship?

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Why can’t we choose more than one?

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Mulligan on the poll!

How come you can’t pick multiple options? For me, it’s my wife and I also have a pretty decent job here.


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