Polling on same sex marriage referendum


If she such a horrible person, aren’t you glad she’s out of the gene pool? :swimming_woman: :swimming_man:




The “beard” whose “rotting on the vine” upsets you so.


Nope. I don’t believe I’ve called anyone horrible. The situation is, for sure. As per the topic title, my example has relevance to the importance of changing people’s perception of those under the rainbow banner. Acceptance leads to a lessening of those types of situations. Until then, it is sad for women who don’t get what they expect and feel their life is a lie while their husbands slink out to the park to spoil the seats of the family van.


Try it.


I’m already on 78 and it’s still a nope from me.


I predict surprises for num 100.



Oh well, if we’re going to have gutter humor, we might as well make it funny.

@discobot roll 1d120


:game_die: 46


Maybe you skipped that one, ONO. :idunno:


In all fairness, Jennifer was friggin cute.


Oh, I see: you don’t like the idea of people entering insincere marriages due to family/social pressure. The phrase “rotting on the vine” gave me the impression that you were mad at her for refusing to be someone’s baby factory (à la @hsinhai78).

Still, if they both get along living together despite their differences (which many married couples don’t), then it’s not really an insincere marriage after all. :2cents:


You got it, Pontiac.


She was super cute!

Actually the idea that marriage = “thing you do with the person you get along with best and like spending time with the most” was a pretty advanced conclusion for me at age 5, since that’s essentially how I feel about it now, too…


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