Polls for the 2020 Taiwanese Presidential Election?

Taipei city ? Normal. Taipei residents are mostly older people.

Absolutely hysterical, considering what China does to religions. But then again, they’ll probably be dead when China starts implementing their “state-sanctioned only religions” law, so why should they give a shit?

Honestly, it’s the same as Trump getting voted in. A bunch of old AF people who are too short-sighted to see farther than a decade.


Honestly, I am baffled: they don’t live here, but want us under the regime. They escaped the regime, came here, made money, left for greener pastures and only come to vote? Why? Sigh.


Relax. At least your doom and gloom prediction for the election was way off. :grin:


Man, it was scary for a bit there. It was until 8 pm that the tension kind of fell off but man, I actually thought we were toast.

A bit before that time, I had a foreign visitor frantic on Messenger: why some media says Tsai won and some Han won?! My stomach sank. Then proper results trickled in. I started writing my report like at 10, after checking and rechecking.

Now I can’t sleep and I do not want to take my blood pressure. At least the headache is gone.

I mean, they pulled all stops, bringing people from abroad, media campaign, etc. Cherry on top was having Ms. Chen last night before last on the podium screaming Make the DPP lose! I was really scared, I mean, she is like TIME magazine famous, chosen as philanthropist, etc. I though thats it, she did it.

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Huh? It was never even close once the votes started coming in.


You’ve been inside the Borg too long. It’s affecting your sanity. :sunglasses:

Now you need to relax and take some me time. Enjoy the good news and catch your breath.

Oh, and Time is crap…you should never take it seriously. I should now, I used to work for them.


I’m with you. I’m around a lot of military folks and retired cops, teachers and such though.

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Cosplay lady got elected as well. #NationalCosplayHoliday

I realized that I failed to revisit the prediction after the election.

So the KMT and TMD (TPP) each was able to gain an extra seat than the prediction.

In the end, Tsai was able to suck up a lot more votes than the polls predicted.

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