Pollution in Kaohsiung

Is the pollution really that bad in Kaohsiung? I was only there for a short while last year and didn’t notice it. (perhaps it was a good day?)


It is actually better than say a decade ago. Some areas like the love river have been cleared up a lot. Still worse than many other cities though. Some of the worst areas are on the edges of the city. Eg NanZi (lovely petrochemical plant), FengShan, and XiaoGang.
Down town (SanMing, LingYa, YenChen etc) might count as not SO bad.

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FengShan is my second home away from home (after Tainan).
I liked it because there were no foreigners there except for me and my family (at that time). :laughing:

If you read the Taipei Times, look at the air quality index. You will notice that Kaohsiung is rarely, if ever, below 100. Usually it hovers around 125.

That’s a big difference from Taipei where it’s 75 - 100.

When we lived in Kaohsiung 6 years ago, we didn’t really notice the pollution until after a year or so. It’s not that bad, unless you’re stuck in traffic on a Friday morning, behind a scooter that is blowing blue smoke in your face. We actually went to the Philippines for 10 days and when we returned to Kaohsiung, we were soo happy to be breathing fresh air. :astonished:


Agreed. I can especially notice the difference when I look up at the sky at night. You see more stars every year.

When I was in Taiwan for my short visit I stayed mostly in Ping dong and Kaohsiung. I thought it was pretty poluted at the time but looking back it doesn’t seem all that different from Baltimore, its mostly the denseness of the city that makes me feel more constricted and that makes me notice the bad air quality more, at least I think so.

Black dust on everything. Similar to what you would have on your car if you burn tires next to it. That’s the worse part of it. Nevermind the air quality index. Fine black dust is nasty in Kaohsiung.


Overall I don’t think it’s TOO bad in Kaohsiung although it’s much worse than Idaho.

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I realized just how bad the air was when I saw my car after a good rain. It was absolutely filthy. And, I live an hour outside of Kaohsiung, where the air is supposedly much cleaner.