Pollution in the winter in Kaohsiung?

I wonder why Kaohsiung doesn’t do anything about it. Seems to continue to be a problem, there is enough evidence and scientific literature that air pollution is extremely dangerous. People tripped out over covid but are ok with air pollution slowly killing everybody.

Perhaps this practice is not helping the air quality.


or burning paper that magically floats to heaven so grandma can buy herself a new pair socks in the after life. Need that new candy cotton lion king pair of socks out the claw machine in heaven.

Maybe this is real shit an we’re all the fools, but it looks a bit sketchy to me.

p.s. im not shitting on tw culture(kind of am) but I do shit on all culture equally.

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Or a traffic system designed to keep people idling at red lights, or racing to catch the next light so they don’t have to wait again