No wonder I didn’t know what this fruit is. Anyone want my box of possibly GM artificial grapefruit?

So what’s “GM” about it?? The pomelo is the original. The grapefruit is a cross between a pomelo and an orange. BFD.

Besides, what’s wrong with “GM” anyway? “Oooh, they inserted a gene to provide resistance against root-rot! If you eat it, Moonbeam over there says your tits will fall off! Here, have another hit of this really good BC bud instead.” is the typical scientific basis for all the envirowhacko prattle.

So is it POM-e-lo or po-MEL-o?


Bu En Lai wrote: [quote]So is it POM-e-lo or po-MEL-o? [/quote]

Who cares? They taste like crap, and that’s why most folks only eat’em once a year. :slight_smile:

Either way, I’m up to my ass in them. I can’t wait until Wednesday.

I like 'em, long as they’re not too dry. Plus, it’s cool to wear the skins on your head and do the naked willy dance.

Me ol’ man’s grapefruit wine was not too vile. I wonder…mmm…Polemo Wine??? Has anyone come across it?

Yes, I hear they are high in fiber.

You’re supposed to leave them for a few days before eating them. Improves the taste. I like the flesh but I find the skin on the individual pieces too thick, so I peel it off.

Pomelo wine sounds good. If AJ ever tries making some I volunteer myself as a guinea pig.

The practice of wearing a Pomelo skin on the head comes from the tribes of the southwest core around Tainan.

That’s not a pomelo, that’s a mullet!

If anyone wants some free pomelos, the tree in the front yard of the abandoned house next to my building is full of them. All you have to do is pick them.

Better than moon cakes, but my wife says they induce flatulence.

Well, it seems I found a good use for mine. A damn group of cats decided to have a mass orgy right outside my place last night, and I couldn’t sleep with all the noise. Grabbed my pomelos and chucked them near the damn things. That did the the trick. :smiling_imp: :laughing:

(msn.com.tw/blipimages/tw/cha … 04_udn.jpg)

Taiwanese pomelos look odd to me. Malaysian pomelos are nicer looking and very juicy, but not so flavorful. Malaysian pomelos can be as big as a regular person’s head.

That’s what I thought too, but when I mentioned this theory to my Chinese teacher, she was extremely offended, and insisted that pomelos were delicious.

I shouldn’t have judged the fruit by eating the skin first and rushing to the bathroom to put soap in my mouth to rid the taste because A Chinese co-teacher told me I could eat the skin. I think she meant couldn’t.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: No wonder you thought they’re bad! You don’t eat the skin. You also don’t eat the thin skin on the individual segments. It tears off quite easily, leaving you with just the little juice-filled pustules or whatever they’re called, and they’re really not bad. A little sweeter and drier than yellow grapefruit but not as sweet as red grapefruit.