Pondering the unthinkable

car colour… :sunglasses:

again today I was discussing the blue truck phenomenon with someone from work… as usual they were at a loss to explain why “blue only” is the unwritten rule of the island… afterwards I got to thinking that in all my time in TW I have never clapped eyes on this most unimaginable of autos… a RED truck…

out of curiosity I photoshopped one up and it looks, well, wrong somehow!!!.. is there something about the blue that we’re missing?.. there must be a reason… :eh:

Perhaps it’s because it’s too clean. Photoshop some dirt in and it might be more credible. By the by my landlord (in my Tainan days) had a pale yellow truck. He was just a rebel though.

red is actually a good color because u wont be able to see all the blood spatter…

I am starting to see white and yellow ones here in Tainan. And even an occasional Kelly green one is floating around. These look new.

I was going to say the same, only with Binlang spit.

Not sure, but could it be because of the designated “blue” parking zones? Available to anyone witha blue truck, I’m supposin’.