Pool Teams- Friendlies?

How about arranging some friendly pool matches between pubs.
Malibu West v. East ?
Tavern v. My Place ?
Early Saturdays or Sunday afternoons/early evening perhaps ?
Post if interested.
I don’t want to make a rod for my own back in organising this as I am too busy but I would join as a player.

Sounds like a great idea… I’ll talk to both the owners of My Place and Tavern to see if they’re interested.

Don’t forget Taipei Sports!

Good, did not think about having Pubs playing against each other! Understand that Abbot Ale are planning to sponsor such tournaments, let me talk to the importer and certainly if you do it area by area, i.e. Taipei Sports team against Tavern, and which ever Pubs that have decent table playing against each other. Let me talk to the Abbot Ale importer, find out how far the plans have grown and have them to come up with a plan and do the organizing, that way we look at somehow neutral events that can indeed be a lot of fun.

Why neutral events, maybe this should be set up as a league format, home and away games. Any Cup competitions would take place on neutral ground.

I should have emphasised the word friendly. This means home and away at arranged venues. Not over organised or sponsored just friendly rivalry maybe playing for a few beers.

Obviously friendy events! When I said neutral, I meant that if a third party (i.e. a brewery, their importers) organize it in what ever format and donate those couple of beers then the rules can be written once, schedule arranged with the managers of the bars and then promoted. I reacted to WN’s posting as I understand that Abbot Ale’s importer is having plans to launch these sort of tournaments in various cities in Taiwan in a sort of a league form with then the best teams / players from each city playing against each other and win a grand prize.

I would be very interest in having a 2 or 3 month long tournament. Actually I’ve thou gt about it many times. It would have 6 teams : Taipei Sports, Brass Monkey, Tavern, Saints and Sinners, Malibu and Q bar. Have the games on like a Monday night when typically business is slow anyway. Teams would consist of 5 players playing 5 singles games and 5 doubles games. I did this many years ago back in the States and it was a blast. Gives you something to do on a Monday, see different bars, ( I played on a league in Trenton NJ, some of the bars scared the hell outta me. ), and hang out with friends. We already have a weekly pool tournament on Tuesday night starting around 11:00. I know thats late but my customers are crazy like that. Right now I’m really busy with bar business but after a couple of weeks when I have time I’ll see if I can’t get it organized.

Well, if a corporate sponsor gets involved, then we’re going to get a whole lot of locals involved and I don’t feel like getting run off the table. And, you might get something akin to locals vs. expats/big-noses and that’s not healthy either.

If this is just a small, local thing where some of the bar owners and interested individuals who “belong” to ABC, DEF, XYZ bars want to schedule some play time and drink time, I’m all for it.

You can start with a Yahoo group list, names, email addys, bar addresses and then go from there. Maybe a couple of bar owners want to take the lead and ask their patrons who might be interested and then go from there. I think having the bar owners arrange it would be a good place to start.

If you want pubs to play against each other, that means that each pub has several permanent players. So who is going to play for whom?
I am a pretty decent player (and was better some time ago when I played all the time)

Wolf, being quite confident that the Tavern Premier can field some very good players (I am a bad player but I used to worse) I would give other contenders a chance to put in their bid for your services first.

Wolf, I think you maybe trying to set up a professional pub league a little too early! :bravo:

Come on, The TWAT Tavern will whip your asses :wink: …unless that Taiwanese guy from My Place is playing… :frowning:

I would so love to see this happen…

Count me in. I’ll offer my humble services to Ray if he’ll have me. We had a pretty good 9 ball session at the last happy hour. (Thanks Ray)

I don’t know the Tavern scene in Taipei very well, but how receptive would they be to an inner-pub league? And how would you pick the players? It would be so easy to put together an unbeatable team here without some parameters. Any pool hall within walking distance of the pubs mentioned will have players capable of running multiple racks.

In the US, we have maybe one or two proper pool halls per city versus the hundreds of pubs/bars that offer pool. In Taiwan, the exact opposite is true. As captain of my old pool league team in San Diego, it was a difficult process to find someone decent enough to play. In Taiwan it’s going to be “Sorry, you’re too good to play for us”…

To all the amazing local players… :notworthy:

Depends on which one you mean. I have beat all of them at one time or another, but one of them is a total fucker…and a hater of white people, believe me, he has shown his true colors before and luckily someone stepped in before I shoved the pool cue he was jabbing me in the stomach with up his tight ass.
The Taiwanese are great potter, no question, but their science is pretty lame (I mean the non-pros).

Folks, can we get that started let’s say Nov. 1st! Wolves Mon should be the chairman (WR to assist) and we have Abbot Ale to Sponsor it in a mild way, donating prizes, etc! Propose that we single out the bars that potentially want to participate and then have the Chairman and WR to be part of that meeting and work it out! I am very, very excited about this!

I don’t drink alcohol when I play tournaments, so that’s out for me.
I don’t have the umph to organize anything.
What game is up for offer? 8-ball? 9-ball?
If it’s 8-ball, you have to publish the rules as they seems to be different every place you go. I’d prefer to use the official rules, but as long as it is standard.
World standard rules
Note particularly item 4.6, 4.11, 4.14 and 4.16. I think people don’t understand the safety shot in 8-ball, so it can be overlooked. I’ve never met anyone in Taiwan who even knows of such a thing anyway.

Qbar no longer has a pool table.

Rule 4.8 sucks…

8-ball breaks are an art and should be respected as such. When did they change the 8-ball break wins rule?

Our little local tourney’s usually involve ball-in-hand 8-ball. I think it makes the game much more exciting, promotes intelligent safety’s and eliminates the cheap 1mm push shot without touching a rail. Also speeds things up when folks have had one too many.

But BCA rules are fine too…

Qbar no longer has a pool table.[/quote]

Ack, noooo!!! :astonished:

I always played that sinking the 8-ball on the break was an outright win.
The hitting a rail is a useful rule that no one here follows.
Fouls are all over the place in consistency here. Ball in hand, behing the head string, balls potted stay down or come up, and the two shots to the opponent.
Isn’t there going to be a church team? Or the Salivation Army?