Poor English translation of laws

Latest three examples on the forum. If you remember / find anything else, please share.

First two examples don’t make sense and the 3rd example is highly confusing.

Article 57 of Household Registration Act

Nationals who have reached the age of 14 years shall apply for citizen’s National ID Cards; and who are under 14 years old shall apply for citizen’s National ID Cards.

Article 9 of the Nationality Act

Foreign nationals shall not be allowed to reside in Taiwan prior to the submission of a certificate of loss of original nationality as prescribed in the preceding two paragraphs.

Article 11 of Nationality Act

ROC nationals shall lose their ROC nationality, subject to approval by the Ministry of the Interior, if any of the following circumstances apply:


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I checked recently, and I think my wife is still married to me. This week she got a fresh Taiwan passport. And I’m a filthy weiguoren. Does she have to relinquish the passport?


Hey, it is listed in the OP.


I’m blind :rofl:.

勞動基準法第 9-1 條
Labor Standards Act Art. 9-1


An employer shall not make a after-resignation business strife limitation agreement with an employee unless the following requirements have been met:

They’re talking about a post-employment non-competition agreement.

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Where did they find those translators?
I want my tax money back


I’d like to be a translator for future laws. I’ll promise to make them even more confusing!

I’ll stop paying tax if that happens :joy:

Many restrictions and regulations on COVID-19 must be poorly translated and causing confusions.

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Even in mandarin they seem to be written ambiguously and open to interpretation.

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