POP email account: upload to Gmail?

Is it possible to upload the email on my POP email account(s) with ChungHwa’s HINET to my Gmail account, which has one gigabyte of space?

I have seen some mention of this on the information page for www.gmail.com, but there aren’t enough details there for me to determine if it is possible or not …

Does anyone know? Or, is there another online email program/resource which will allow me to do this?

I find that my earliest HINET email address is constantly filling up with spam … and I would like to clean it out occasionally … as it hits the upper range limit of 50 MB … additionally I don’t always have time to go through the emails everyday and delete all that junk !!!

( … and of course at the same time there are some legitimate inquiries and messages coming through … )

Does this or this help?

There is quite a bit of useful information on the sites that Rik indicated …

However, I get the impression that to use the kind of programs mentioned therein, one has to first download all of one’s POP EMAIL ACCOUNT MESSAGES to one’s harddisk first, and then load them up to gmail … in my opinion, that would be undesirable.

Also, the programs require the insertion of various numbers and technical information. I must confess I have never understood where to get those kinds of numbers … in the past I have always allowed the computer store’s technical people to deal with those matters. I am strictly a “user” and know very little about the technical side of it. (It would probably be a good idea for me to learn more about the technical aspects of these things … but as I said, I do not know where to check to get those various numbers … for the various settings … )

According to my past experience, it would be best if google.com made such a functionality available directly …

Does anyone know if that is available? How does one contact the technical people at gmail.com ???

What is it that you want?
FTP upload to your pop webspace?

What do I want?

IDEALLY, I could designate a gmail.com address, and then just have my Chunghwa Hinet email account forward all email to that address !!!

This would be ideal, because at the present time Chunghwa Hinet provides no spam filtering, and my mailbox is always filled with spam. (There are some legitimate messages that come through however, so I am not inclined to close down that Chunghwa Hinet account … )

If that sort of forwarding is not possible, then I would like to be able to periodically UPLOAD my Chunghwa Hinet account’s emails to my gmail account … (in order to clean out the Chunghwa Hinet account’s 50 MB of storage … )

too bad
you can not UPLOAD it
you will only be able to forward it
or maybe if you are lucky redirect it
at least the spam filter will work than

So … how do I set up some sort of automatic forwarding capability with my Chunghwa Telecom account?

You probably can’t, and if you can contacting them would be the best way to figure it out. When I say you can’t, I mean they probably don’t allow it.

Have you considered changing your email address? You don’t even have to change it to the google address. There are a lot of different things you could do.

You could go with one of the pay email services like… hotmail and yahoo (or something totally different, I don’t know what the “good” ones are). With those services you can setup redirects, all kinds of neat filters, and stuff.

You could also register a domain (I think you have one already) and get a paid email service that’ll host your domain. You could also do all kinds of stuff with that too.

You might also want to think about changing your email software and/or get your software setup a bit nicer than it probably is. New software or settings would probably eliminate most of the spam for you, or at least filter spam to a separate folder (it sounds like everything is coming up in your main inbox right now).

I’ve been happy mainly using my google account, but I have other mail addresses as well for different reasons.

One question. Is there a reason you want to keep all the messages on the mail server?