Poppy needs a home!

This is Poppy. She is around 5 months old now and not only is she very pretty, she’s smart and extremely friendly! I found Poppy by the the side of the road one night, cowering behind a parked scooter and much too young to be on her own.She had a chewed off piece of rope on her collar. Months of going over the neighborhood and advertising didn’t find her owners.

Poppy needs a forever home. She is housebroken to do her business outside, can sit when motivated and is very playful. She is very social (has NO experience with cats yet) and plays well with every dog she has come across. Although she can be rambunctious, as puppies are, Poppy learns quickly and will be a wonderful addition to a family or individual who would like a companion.

Poppy has not yet been spayed but I will do so before she goes anywhere. Time is of the essence as I have to move shortly and circumstances won’t allow me to keep her much longer.

This little girl deserves a good home and unfortunately this household is on “system overload” or I would keep her myself. I will be happy to send Poppy to anywhere the train goes in Taiwan. If you can provide Poppy with a permanent home or a foster placement please contact me by PM!

She is adorable!!! Poppy is going to find the best home so fast! Lucky little girl!

Thanks Kage! I really hope so as I am between a rock and a hard place at the moment. I have just lost my house and looking desperately for a new one. As well, I am going into the hospital for major surgery on Monday. Poppy needs to be placed a.s.a.p. As it is, I still have no one to stay with all the dogs this next week while I am away. I am having to rely on friends to come by daily to feed, water and check on them.

Please folks, if you would, pass the word on about Poppy. I really want to see her placed in a good situation. Thank you!