Pork fat or stinky tofu?

if I have to choose between pig fat like in the photo and stinky tofu I prefer pig fat a thousand times :smile:

Than it’s not ‘stinky’ tofu.

Tripe is wonderful if you know how to prepare it well.

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Stinky tofu can smell pretty bad, but the taste is OK. A little boring really, and it’s certainly not health food. Pork fat is fine too, as long as it’s mixed in with other stuff in the appropriate amounts…as in dongpo rou, or used as shortening in almond cookies.

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Tripe and beans is one of my favorites. Jamaican, Spanish, Portuguese, curried… doesn’t matter. All delicious. Whenever I can get fresh lima beans at the market here I try to make it.


Without adding any additional ingredients how do I make tripe wonderful?

Without adding any ingredients how do you make anything wonderful?

I like black coffee?

Without water?

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You got me! I add water.


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Soak it in LSD.

Oh wait…I suppose that could be considered an additional ingredient…but its really only seasoning.

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That could make for a memorable trip.

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Crumbing and deep frying tripe would be a start I suppose. Or good old fashioned LSD tripe as Ducked suggested.

Or a memorable tripe. I don’t much want tripe flashbacks though. Once was enough.

I made a simple tripe and beans tonight to honor this thread.

I bet if you scrunched up pre-cooked tripe on a skewer and lightly grilled it with salt and pepper it would be great.

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Out of sight out of mind. Probably works well in kid shaped pasta cans as well!

To be honest, your beans do look pretty decent. I cant stand tripe but i have had it without knowing t and liked it. Finely cut was the key!

Same with pork fat . Blended in, great. Huge chunks, puke. Stinky tofu that doesnt smell like a fruit vendor got food poisoning (you know that sweet fruity fecal aroma), great. When you cant figure out if the smell is coming from the nightmarket outhouse or the vendors stall, pass.

There’s one if those 外省人 run places near me that does tripe braised to oblivion in soy sauce. Because it is almost falling apart, and is strongly flavoured, I think even non offal eaters could take it.

My dad used to eat tripe raw, he’d wash under the tap then sit down chew on, pigs trotters was his favourite, (cooked) not mine only tiny bit of meat then skin and fat, same I can’t see the attraction to chicken feet, pointless tasteless rubbish.
I’ll eat just about anything, fried stinky tofu after a few pints isy favourite.