Portable Breathalyzer

When I was at home I was in The Bay and I noticed they were selling portable key chain breathalyzers.
They were only 20 bucks, but I didn’t get one at the time for some reason.
Probably because they looked small and cheap and I figured they were probably made and available here.
Anyways, does anyone know where I can get one here?
Can someone please show me the Chinese characters for “breathalyzer”?
I want to look it up the Yahoo auctions.




chinese is 酒測器

well be glad you didn’t get one. they’re like five bucks here

Sweeeet :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help :notworthy:

Do they work? Are they accurate? Just curious.

No idea, but they’d be fun to have at a party. And useful.

do they have a ‘sharper image’ in taiwan anywhere? or any company that sells pretty good portable breathalizers anywhere? ThAnkS

I’m not sure about “Sharper Image”, but I asked about breathalysers before.
[url=http://tw.forumosa.com/t/portable-breathalyzer/30103/1 Here.[/url]

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i need to find a store that sells em, cause i dont want to order online.

Did you ever find a store that sells them?

no… it totally sucks,

I want one of those keychain ones!!!

I don’t think they have breathalizers on this island…

Or AKA Personal Alcohol Detector

I have plans to conduct the same thing that Tucker Max once did, so I’m wondering if there’s any place in Taipei where you can buy this

I own one export sample from long ago … but they are available at medial appliances stores … (wheelchair stores) I believe …

Check out this thread.
Yahoo auctions is the place to get them.

Saw them in the hardware store on Ji Long and He Ping. Also in the “Sell Everything Store” on the corner of Wu Shing Street and Zhuang Jing Road

You’ve read the story, right? You know his conclusion?

[quote]That device is the devil dressed in a transistor.

My advice to you: avoid it at all costs.[/quote]

Does anyone know where I can borrow or buy a breathalyzer in Taipei? It’s for a school project. Thanks in advance for your help!

Am I missing something? If you can’t remember whether you drank something, you’re pissed, surely?