Portable car seats for bigger babies

In two months our 7 month old son will be too big for the Maxi Cosi car seat that we used in combination with a Quinny stroller. It’s a great setup and has served us well. We travel in a taxi with our son 2-3 times a week, nearly always to his Grandparents (10 minutes away) or to a hard-to-get-to social event.

My wife sometimes has to travel on her own and it’s tough for her, our little lad is getting heavy. So given that we soon won’t be able to use the Maxi Cosi, I’m wondering:

Q. Do you know of any taxi service that comes with a car seat?
Q. Do you have any suggestions for how to buckle him up safely? Protecting him is my main concern, I’m not motivated by obeying the law.

If I can’t figure this out then we’ll have to buy a car and rent a parking space. As you might guess, I’d rather not do that. Getting our son on to the bus safely is not a great option either. We could walk to her parents quicker than taking the MRT all the way back to Main Station and then going to their place. ‘Asking her dad to come collect us’ will work in non-working hours only. The parents in law are very good to us too, so I would feel bad asking for a regular chauffeur service.

I personally don’t know of taxi services that come equipped w carseats, or are provided upon request. But I have never requested one when we call 55688. In San Francisco, cabs are exempt from having car seats, just as a point of reference.

We brought over 4 car seats w us. We did not buy a car, as cabs are much cheaper to maintain and sanity saving. They are on our balcony for almost two years now. I used them once in a friend’s car for a long car ride.

Wat we do in cabs is always the adults strap themselves in, and little kids sit on our laps. The adult holds on tight. Never buckle the child together with you.