Portable dishwasher on wheels

I’m looking to buy a dishwasher that has wheels so that when I’m not using it it doesn’t take up space on my counter. I’m in a rental so I don’t want to spend money to have an internal dishwasher installed. Any one ever seen one?

Here’s an example of what I mean

us-appliance.com/gsc3500dww. … gsc3500dww

“Why waste money on a machine when you can wash by hand?” – everyone I know.

I thought all dishwashers were external, on wheels and could be removed…

Reviving an old thread here, but we’re temporarily out of Taiwan and have a portable dishwasher I found on craiglist (I think it’s a GE) and it’s pretty awesome–has wheels and intake/outtake hoses that hook onto our kitchen faucet. In Taiwan I definitely see Bosch and other brands around, but they don’t make a portable unit. I’d assume it wouldn’t be so hard to put an undercounter model on wheels and adds hoses, but have never seen it done. We don’t own a house so can’t really just install easily in our kitchen. Has anyone ever seen a portable (not countertop) dishwasher in Taiwan? We have three kids and cook a lot, so I’m really curious about ways to do this…

When the kids were still around, we just made them do the dishes. Saves a lot of money and it’s good for the kids too.

We have one.
In fact, is the same model as the built-in ones from Bosch that you’ve seen around, with the addition of a top cap to improve the appearance.
Is it not portable in a sense that you move in/out every time you need to use it, but it’s quite ready to install and remove it when you move out.
We also live in a rented place and this works perfect for us.

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RickRoll, how do you install/uninstall it when you move? Do you use the sink faucet or do you run the intake/outtake hoses into the water another way? It may be we could talk to Bosch and have them help with a temporary installation but I wanted to see what others did first.

Bosch did everything for me.
They’ve added some T’s in the hoses from the sink and did a very good job.
They also installed in a way that no drilling or nailing were needed.
Just describe your arrangements in the kitchen when discussing with the vendor and they’ll let you know if anything could be a trouble when installing it.

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Game Changer! I had wondered if this had been done by anyone but it wasn’t high enough on my priority list - thanks for sharing, the misses will be very pleased too.

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Not necessarily. Newer machines don’t consume a lot of energy and save water, in fact.
Besides, it saves time too, and :clock1: is :moneybag: !
Even if some prefer to use this time to act like a clown on the rooftop… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well, this is true!
Although my kids can barely hold their utensils when eating, so I wouldn’t trust my dishes to their slippery hands for now…

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You are welcome!

Sorry to be a pain - would you mind sharing a ballpark figure that Bosch charged for this all in all?

No problem.
It was a while ago, but if I’m not mistaken it costs something around 30kNTD.
We bought a small size one, cause we wanted it to put it at side of the sink, in the same place as the dish dryer that was there before.
Still bugs me why someone would install such a large machine just to dry dishes… :wall: :idunno: