Portable DVD player - can u use it here AND in South Africa?

I have a friend from South Africa who wants to buy a portable DVD player that he will eventually take with him when he moves back. At a couple of shops he went to they said that it would be no problem to use it there, but he wasn’t sure if they really understood his situation.

My friend said that they use the same system as England (all of Europe uses PAL format, no?). Thus I would think that if he gets a DVD player that he can use here it would use NTSC format, & he wouldn’t be able to use it in South Africa…

Can anyone verify that?

What about the regions? Can standalone DVD players (as opposed to computer ones) play DVD’s from any region?

TIA! Harold

Depends on whether it is zoned or not… meaning it will only work in certain zones… like Taiwan Europe etc

My friend got his Chinese friemd to go to a shop and remove a chip inside the DVD player… basically it avoids a s/w upgrade that can alos fix this…

supposedly though the technicans in a lot of electronics stores know how to do this

Not too sure about portable DVDs though…

I was just showing my friend the segue web site & did a search for “dvd europe pal” & hit a link that covers everything & more than our question here, so everyone please refer to:

segue.com.tw/viewtopic.php?t … pe&start=0

Sorry, I should have done that 1st…
Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa :blush: