Portuguese Man-o-war

My god they really know how to lay the hyperbole on at Taiwan News.

“The toxicity is deadly dangerous do not touch them”!

“Super poisonous jellyfish”!

Let nothing get in the way of a bit of good old fear and panic to sell a story… spare me. If I were Taiwanese, it would not be the jellyfish I would be concerned about coming ashore on East Coast beaches.

These things are unpleasant and feel like an electric shock when you get stung, then it gets itchy for a few days, that’s it.

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Well, the K-Man was in charge of the article…

The water itself is much more dangerous for your average Taiwanese than anything that can be found swimming in it.

Hmmmm… Man o war can be dangerous indeed, or that’s what I read.

And I’m not talking about the pedophile.

Irukandji’s are the ones which really freak me out, and are about the size of a small coin. The guy in this video is arguably the world expert on jellyfish. The symptoms can last for weeks.



Pedophiles, arousing, what are you talking about? You find women in pain arousing, that’s a worry.

Where you see a worry, some girls see their only way to really enjoy it!

As for the Peter File thing…

No worries in Taiwan. I’m sure ER doctors here will cut you some acetaminophen if you display severe pain symptoms like those two.

Maybe even two caplets.

Going to have to post this in my Kman thread.

We would see them while swimming all the time on the west coast of north America. Washed up on beaches as well. We were always told as kids not to touch them, but frankly their sting has only ever been a painful annoyance to us kids for a day or 2 I remember seeing easily 3 plus meter ones, we often raced canoes and would see them up close when we had goggles on. Really beautiful. Never really knew the species difference. We often saw red, purple and yellow ones all of the 2 to 4 meter form. Gorgeous creatures, just don’t get too close.

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Jesus, now they are getting bigger with more powerful venom.

The size of an adult human hand !!