Positive feelings in a negative world

i just reached 40 in april. for awhile there, i felt pretty bad, and looked it, too. but at this time in my life, i feel more positive than ever about life, even though a lot of negative things are happening in it. what drug, you may ask? none.

i’m getting more centered, despite forces that are pulling me away from my center, forces that even criticize me for having a center. but it is that center which saves us from spiraling out of control, to a land where health and life are out of our hands.

i’m exercising more,praying more, reading The Psalms more, forgiving more, letting go more,laughing more, embracing life more.

what can i say? i feel pretty good. take care of your health guys. live right and live well, no matter what people tell you or try to deny you because you’re following your own rhythm.

Good for you. Happy (rather belated) 40th.

When you turn 20 you are so worried about what people think of you,
When you turn 40 you learn not to give a damn what people think of you,
When you turn 60 you realize, no one has been thinking about you at all…lol

Turned 43 a few weeks back and it’s just another thing…