Possibilities to work in hairdressing

My wife and I are considering moving to Taiwan.
I would be hired as a postdoctoral researcher at Taiwan University but at the time we arrive she will be unemployed.

My question is what are the chances for her to find a job in hairdressing knowing that :

  1. She possesses a higher professional certificate (brevet professionnel for french speaking people)
  2. She only speaks french and english
  3. She has experience in a french luxury franchise called Jacques Dessange

Any information you could share will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your time.

every kid can cut your hair here for 100NT. Of course there are the “professional” salons where they charge you 500NT and give you an hour massage, but in my opinion they are not professionally trained hair dressers in most cases. Maybe there is a niche for Foreigners? Because Taiwanese really have some trouble to cut westerners hair… sometimes… most of the times…

Problem would be under what category to get the work permit. Right now there is a big brouhaha over allowing Chinese into this beauty business. A foreigner would be even worse, as this line of work does not fall under white collar category, nor it is an overseas subsidiary. It would be nice, though, with her experience they should be able to justify the salary hiring a foreigner requires -kids nowadays work under a head hairdresser, and they are his/her pupils, or family businesses where Mom cuts hair and Da washes while kid does nails and massage and stuff. Earnings are small and competition fierce.

The chances are 0.
1st - She does not speak Mandarin, so she won’t be able to communicate with most of the customers.
2nd - Work permits are not giving to foreigners for these kind of service jobs.

Perhaps a small, very quiet, high-end business catering only to foreigners, only by word of mouth?

That would be illegal though and could get her deported. Its a shame to not use her talent though.
Maybe she could set up a salon. That qualifies under investment. Maybe thats an avenue to explore.

Or could get hired as a trainer, given her background, by a big chain. She has to aim high, because as said, there are no work permits in her field, people in her field here are making less than 20K, so to justify hiring her, only a big chain with lots of $$$ could get away with an expensive, 45K at least trainer or specialist or whatever title they may consider. If they have enough guanxi they can pull it off.

Her investment would have to be big, minimum is what? 500K?

Thank you for your responses.

Based on what you said there might be two options :

  1. Setting up her own salon (too expensive for us)
  2. Find a big chain with (is there some foreing franchises in taiwan?) who can hire her as a specialist given her background (might be a good option)

Many foreigners are working in Taiwan for liaison offices of their parent companies, which only costs less then 1000 USD (for the official documents) to set up. I used to work for a few of those.

She could set up a company abroad and set up a liaison office in Taiwan. MUch like Mister Donut sets up an outlet.

So she doesnt even have to have an actual salon abroad, just have one on paper, all legit and legal.
And then she can set up an operation in Taiwan. It won’t have to cost 500k USD. But maybe several million TWD is in order?

Ask a CPA in Taiwan about the logistics and legal requirements. They are the ones who set up companies.

A bowl cut is a bowl cut…no matter how you cut (pun intended) it. Doesn’t matter if you got Asian, European or African hair.