Possible Western cultural innovations in early China

Sino-Platonic Papers has released another issue in its archives: Western Cultural Innovations in China, 1200 B.C. (July 1989), by Edward L. Shaughnessy of the University of Chicago.

The entire text is now online for free as a 790 KB PDF.

Shaughnessy is a giant in the field.

Chariot technology has long been suspected to be a transplanted technology, not from the West, but from the Middle East, Persia, steppes, etc. that middle bit of earth, Middle-Earth.

They say farming originated in Anatolia, but perhaps as far as Europe is concerned.

They say advanced metallurgy’s oldest sites are in Yugoslavia and S.E. Asia. (so far found)

Glassware was always imported from the M.E.

I would love to see more fantasy fiction, films, books, research, documentaries, etc. exploring this great unknown period, the later prehistories of man. kinda almost like Conan, and Robert E. Howard’s worlds.