Possibly heading over from UK with long term girlfriend


I have been offered a position in Taiwan with my uk based employer (6-12 mths). This is all very well.
However I wish to travel over with my girlfriend and have discovered a potential minefield of information

I understand my girlfriend can come over for 90 days with proof on onward travel. How could she go about finding employment in this time. I am aware she will need to apply for an ARC.

Also does the onward travel have to be back to the UK. Would the situation be different if we were married

Any tips or hints.


If you are married to her and you get an ARC, she will get an accompanying ARC but without the right to work. To work officially she would have to qualify and fit a tight set of rules.

Or she could work from home if she has such a job for a non Taiwanese company on the side. Unofficially. And simply live in Taiwan, leaving every 90 days (do not overstay even one day). She could go right back in , even the same day for unrestricted times. To any country outside of Taiwan. Does not have to be back to the UK.

Make the onward travel to Hong Kong.

Thank you all.

How many times can the visa run be done if say she was to have job in the uk was done remotely.
I am under the impression it can be done once. Is that correct?

Luckily they have not limited how many times this visa run can be done so far. She can work remotely but no mention of that should be made.

She must never be late to leave the country. Always leave a few days earlier then the last day in case of typhoon. Because they wont give her a “pass” just because she was prevented from leaving because of one.

IF shes ever late to leave she will lose her 90 day visa free for one year. And then she needs a tourist visa each time she wants to re-enter (big hassle).

The first 90 day visa can be extended but its a small hassle some say. Extended one time only.

May as well just do the visa runs to HongKong or Macau or any number of near by places. Inexpensive flights of say 200 to 300 dollars roundtrip are available if you buy at the right travel agents.