Post 2020 USA Presidential Election Riots

Riots and unrest seem inevitable this election, regardless of who wins.

If Biden wins there won’t be much. They will be happy having the Supreme Court advantage. If Trump wins, there will be more.


If riots break out after the election, how will we tell the difference?

Quoted for posterity.

I do not think this is at all accurate. If Biden wins, people will take to the streets and celebrate…like a Detroit Tigers World Series win.

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But that’s not rioting. :thinking:

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One would beg to differ if one owned this car or lived on that street.

That’s what I call a celebration, lol.

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There won’t be any SCOTUS advantage. Trump and the GOP will ram through a nominee before the election. Even if Biden wins, he won’t be able to reverse a 6-3 social conservative/ religious right bent to the court.


I expect Harris would try the FDR ploy.

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Um, no. 6-3

I suppose you’re referring to Roberts as the fourth liberal vote? He may be swingy, but he’s still a staunch conservative.

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Is it true that it isn’t unconstitutional to increase the number of senators?

It’s 2 a state, so that’s why Dems are pushing statehood for DC and Puerto Rico. I always thought it should be proportional to population like the House. It’s a bit crazy that Wyoming wields as much power as California on the Senate floor.


I have no idea what that even means, and I suspect you don’t either.

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No, it’s not.

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Yes, it is.

Wanna go back and forth like this? :roll_eyes:

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Well, at least I don’t need to mention him by name for the point to be made.

Are you joking? “Swingy” meaning he’s the most likely to be a swing justice on cases. But he usually sides with the liberal wing when it comes to procedural grounds, not because he ideologically sides with them. You guys think he’s a liberal just because he thinks the government’s cases against Obamacare aren’t legally sound.

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You could explain why it is you think that.

If you’re able to read an NYTimes article without turning into dust, you might see that he’s sided with the conservative wing 93% of the time over the years. But you guys are so in the tank for whatever Trump or other rabble-rousers say about him, that you refuse to actually look at the facts.