Post-Marriage ARC or JFRV Question


My fiance and I are looking to get married in the near future. I am aware I will need to have proof of my single status, which can be obtained through the AIT through a scheduled meeting.

My fiance and I are a little perplexed as to which visa I should be applying for. Upon looking at the ARC application and looking at the reason for application “joining a family member” is not among the available options.


Yet when looking at the criteria required to apply for an ARC, it says joining a family member as a reason to apply for an ARC.

Upon further inspection, I found there is another type of visa called Joining Family Residence Visa (JFRV). Am I eligible to apply for either of them? It would seem the ARC would be easier to apply for because there isn’t the need have to send my criminal background check from the States back to Taiwan.


There’s some missing details here, are you planning on marrying a Taiwanese citizen? Are you getting married here in Taiwan? Because, that sounds almost like what you’re describing.

I went through that process nearly 6 months ago. You’re thinking of a visitor visa, under the condition of “visiting family,” which can then be changed to a JFRV. Since I came here under visa exempt status and surprised my wife by asking the question when I arrived, next came the painful process of getting married and obtaining a dependant ARC here.

My laziness just kicked in. But I’ll touch on this, I’m not married in the US yet so I had to prove my single status here. It involved raising my hand and saying, “Yeah I’m single,” then paying like $600 NTD. The FBI background check took a long time to get, even with expedited service.

Anything I’m missing?


So, I am getting married in Taiwan. Am I applying for a visitor visa or an ARC?


And she’s an ROC national with household registration, right?


If you’re not married (to a Taiwanese citizen) yet and don’t have family here, you can’t really apply for a visitor visa under the circumstances of “visiting family.” The Taiwan embassy in Hong Kong office informed me that is exactly what you’ll need to apply for a JFRV. As for the ARC question, I have a dependant ARC so I’m not really the one to ask for that.

There’s many resources on the subject though. However, I will say you could change your visa type after marriage and some employers will provide both an ARC and airline tickets. At any rate, I’m not good with personal advice, these are just from my experiences. Good luck to you and your fiance.


She is a Taiwanese national. A household registration is a Taiwanese citizen currently living in Taiwan right?

Thank you.


You can have household registration while living abroad, but basically yes, the average Taiwanese has hhr. (According to Taiwanese law, the category of “Taiwanese national” doesn’t exist.)