post-Nuclear Bomb Attack: Food Preparation tips

Can anyone point me to online resources regarding the proper preparation of food items after a nuclear bomb attack . . . . . ??

I am assuming that the people preparing the food will have outlived the attack.

As the Taiwanese are keen on vegetables, I would be especially interested in any tips on the proper method of washing vegetables in order to remove nuclear fallout.


Umm, mind if I ask what you’re working on at the moment Hartzell?

In any case I imagine it best to have your perishables well sorted before the need arises.


Er, you’re not hiding any little secrets from us, are you? :frowning:

I’m guessing he’s following the North Korean situation.

In early July, krypton 85 was detected in locations that suggested that this gas, produced when spent nuclear fuel is reprocessed into plutonium for nuclear weapons, may have emanated from a site other than North Korea’s known reprocessing facility at Yongbyon.[/quote]

I thought he might have been but I’m just a little worried he’s got some grand scheme that somehow ties Taiwan into being both a rogue nation in the eyes of the US AND a fixed aircraft carrier serving US interests to the good folks in the Nth Korean commie theme park.

HG … lear16.htm

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t fallout radioactivity, which does not ‘wash off’ of anything, but rather decays according to its half-life?

Life is hard, then Hartzell pushes the button.

My understanding from my numerous father and son chats on the subject (me dod was in the field) is that ‘fallout’ is irradiated particles of dust and bomb parts which were irradiated by the burst of a nuclear weapon.

They can be washed off sealed food or liquid containers and the contents consumed safely because they don’t in turn irradiate non-radioactive substances, though they do emit harmful radiation as long as they are in contact or close proximity with living organisms.

Here’s a conundrum for ye that me dod gave me as a research assignment once.

Everyone knows that when a nuclear bomb is unleashed on a city it leaves an irradiated nuclear wasteland that makes the city uninhabitable for hundreds of years.

Yet Hiroshima and Nagasaki are today habitable cities with no restricted irradiated zones anywhere, including grounds zero.

How come?

“Fallout” describes the radioactive particles that settle to the ground after a nuclear explosion, i.e. the radioactive dust.
I am not sure but I doubt you can just “wash it off”, at least I wouldn’t want to eat those veggies …

The answer to the conundrum above is that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were hit with air burst nuclear detonations several thousands of meters in the air.

There was a gigantic x-ray-like burst of radioactivity over each target that damaged all living organisms exposed to them during the seconds of the burst but they weren’t in close enough proximity to the ground to irradiate earth particles, creating a no-man’s land at ground zero and throwing up tons of radioactive debris into the air to trail around the earth’s atmosphere.

Air bursts have a much greater immediate radius of destruction than ground bursts. Ground bursts are used to target hardened underground targets such as command centers and missile silos.

It would have been monumentally foolish for the US to use ground bursts against Japanese urban targets because it would have made it next-to-impossible for the US to occupy Japan and eliminate all enemy elements there. Plus, it would have thrown up radioactive debris which would have trailed out into the Pacific and onward to the US mainland.

And of course the U.S. government and military knew all of this already because the space aliens who gave them the nukes explained all of this in detail.

You are assuming that the water you use to wash isn’t as contaminated as the vegetables. :?

I intend to eat dry, uncooked ramyen noodles. They last forever and the high MSG-content keeps one alert.

And be sure to wear your Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie. :laughing:

I guess the Taiwanese have got the post-nuclear war seafood problem worked out. …

Here is what I was taught in CBR school.
First, get in a deep hole or in the basement of a structure. Barring that, a ditch or drain pipe. That is of course before you experience the blinding blast. Remember “ass to the blast lest your eyeballs melt”. Cover your ears with your hands and open your mouth to keep your eardrums intact. Stay as close to the ground as possible.
Food and Water
Stagnate water in low lying or covered areas is less likely to be radio active, the large dose of gamma radiation has probably killed all bacteria so drink up if you must.
Oranges, potatoes, eggs basically anything with a skin you can peel.
Keep your food, water and body covered at all times. Most importantly wear some kind of mask. Alpha and and more specifically beta radiation are molecular to about the size of dust, inhaling them is a bad idea. You are very unlikely to encounter Alpha particles but beta particles will be very prevalent the closer you are to ground zero. If you have an uncontaminated water source,first peel the food then wash it throughly.
Hope I was some help, it has been a few years since school.

serious survivalist sites- … -food.html … store.html

and the mormons who brought you the prepare for the disaster plan… store a years worth of food…,8170,1569-1-77,FF.html

Where did you go to CBR school?

[quote]Where did you go to CBR school?
Eglin AFB

Also beer, don’t get the Taiwan beer in the green bottles, get the stuff in the can (it’s got the methanol).