Post your favourite cooking websites


Sorry, didn’t see this back in November. The Filipino groceries carry annato seed powder, but I brought mine back from Mexico in achiote tablets, and also got some by mail order (annato seeds, annato powder, and achiote tablets); run a search and you’ll find the info I posted in a relevant thread. :wink:




Good pictures and links[/quote]

Amen. Searchable recipe blog, very nice.



Good pictures and links[/quote]

Amen. Searchable recipe blog, very nice.[/quote]

I’ll third this, this website is fantastic.


I find this use useful. Nice measures converter and substitutions list -very useful.


EDIT: I’ve tried Indian dishes out of an oversized cookbook published in the West, with lots of pretty pictures, and have been disappointed every time. Recently, a delicious meal at the home of a lovely, charming and talented Forumosan from India convinced me to try again. I found the above site by googling, and it looked much more authentic, so I’ve started trying the recipes there one by one. Our Indian friend also gave the site a thumbs up. Do give it a try!


Start at if you have an idea of what you’re looking for, or if you just want to drool at what others are making, for a pretty extensive collection of asian fare easy and delish, every single time if you have an analytical mind
(or just want help cooking like an engineer) for tips, videos, and step-by-step instructions! love them for their wit and stunning photograhy!


Been watching the Good Eats show (starting with season 1), and love the way each shows deal with one main ingredient and explains the science behind the cooking. Bonus…the recipes I tried REALLY work.

I will now NEVER be ashamed again offering steak for dinner…I use the Lodge Skillet (mentioned in another thread), with my nasty little Kaiser oven…and pump out the best steaks I have ever made in 5 minutes.


:slight_smile: You just made my day! Thanks.

I really like Martha Stewart, not just for recipes but all the housewifey things too, and her ‘101’ section is really good. Her recipes are doable (the ones I tried that is) :slight_smile: .

When I saw the Julia Child movie and her obsession with a good omelette, I felt great coz Martha had taught me my way around eggs years earlier.
If it weren’t for the internet I’d be boiling rice and making instant noodles every day. Or ordering out.

#30 searches other recipe places based on ingredients you enter so you can find things you can make right now!

Otherwise I like to follow blogs: (Chinese) (Chinese) (Chinese)


Junior MasterChef Australia


Not a website but the app “How to Cook Everything” for iPad is incredible.


an excellent resource tying together italian history & geography to the regional food & wine culture.

don’t let the anglo-ness of “kyle phillips” throw you off! he has an enormous cache of authentic italian recipes for more things than you can imagine!

Yi Wei Foods - Eat well, live better!


A good one for italian


I like this one.


you love baking?
check this:
it’s in italian but Vittorio it’s a master of baking video, everybody can follow the subtitle and understand in details his recipes.



feeling a litttttle bit sheepish doing this, but couldn’t help myself from sharing my own cooking show/blog on here! :blush: :blush: :blush: :laughing:


I’m loving: , basically carries on from Good Eats, lots of science and experimenting with same recipes.


A good website about Dutch cuisine: