Post your GOOD riding/driving stories

Had an interesting moment while riding on Sunday… thought it would be a good idea that maybe we could post some GOOD stories… there must be some others apart from mine… despite how most drivers here almost literally got their licence from a cereal box…

Was having a bit of a spirited run along #21 and had just gone past a friend who I bumped into while he was also riding… come up behind this civic and think ‘great, no good overtaking spots for a while’… i’m about to settle into low rev mode to follow him and wait for a chance… when on come his brake lights… he pulls over… of course, i go past thinking that he must just want to stop, but after i go past he pulls out again… ‘oh no, this fool wants to race’… but no, and off i go on my merry way…

Once upon a time I was riding through heavy traffic, two-way street backed up in both directions. I had to make a left turn across the oncoming (albeit very slow) traffic. Some guy in a car actually stopped to make a space so I could turn in front of him. :astonished:

15 years later I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop.

One time a guy in a car “hit and run” me. But before he took off he stopped and watched me to see if I was still alive…that was nice of him.

Driving to Kending from Kaoshiong. As I’m handling a curve, I pass a group of taiwanese guys who are camping. It was quick but still gives me an ego boost. The look on their faces when they saw me,a chick on a crotch rocket, went from “wtf to hmm sexy”…

One time I saw a rather ample Taiwanese woman in a not so ample dress riding along on her scooter on a sunny day, with her right hand on the throttle and her left holding an umbrella. Between her own airspeed and the wind, she was quite unstable that way, but on she went. She was so ridiculous that the image still brings a smile to my face. :laughing:

I was on the nightmare ghost road, number 9, to YiLan when I happened upon a cement mixer truck. This road is really bendy so I settled in for the long haul of 20mph corners and deisel exhaust fumes.
Suddenly, the truck indiacted right and pulled over and out came the drivers arm.
He was waving me past.

Slightly stunned I passsed the truck and gave him a polite honk to say thank you. He responded with a polite honk reply. That made my year and it restored my faith in human nature. :slight_smile:

I was driving home last night under the influence(2 beer),I stop at a red light. Shortly thereafter,I notice flashing red lights behind me.Knowing that I am a little over the limit,have no licence plate on my bike,no insurance or driver’s licence(too lazy to renew),I start to get a little nervous.Sure enough,I feel a tap on my sholder an a voice in almost perfect English says, "hey,where is your licence plate?"I spit out a mouthful of beetlenut juice and say, "licence plate?"The cop pulls the keys from my bike and rolls it over to the curb.Now I feel at this point I have two options.(A)I can play stupid and hope for the best.(b) I can tell the truth and accept the consequences.So,option A it is(sort of).I explain to him that my plates were stolen and becuase the bike is not in my name,I can’t get a new one.I also give him the"oh,I left my driver’s licence at home story"He asks if I really have a driver’s licence and that he could check. I tell him I have an international driver’s L,but I let my scooter licence expire.Because I have no papers for the bike,they take the serial number to see if the bike has been stolen,ect.Meanwhile,cop 1 and I have a short convo about my life in Taiwan and I offer him a beetlenut which he humorously declines.He then goes to the cop car and has a short discussion with his partner. He then returns and says,“you can go” With a stuned look on my face I say,“umm,ok, thank you sir.”
Cop then says,(no BS) “can I tell you someting?” “sure”,I say.
“Don’t drink so much beer when to drive your bike.”

This story is 100% true. I think it’s time to get legal again before my luck runs out.

In another thread, ImaniOu wrote:

[quote]You might be a white trash ex-pat when…

And I happen to agree.

yeah, yeah. I just read the thread too. I don’t do drugs nor do I associate myself with people who do. Your telling me you have never had a few after work and drove home?

I do although take full resonsibility for my lack of respect to the driving laws here. I have been ticketed for a few minor offences before by non English speaking police and have had a few breaks ,too. I don’t go driving around thinking I am some kind of invincible foreigner because most of the cops can’t speak Engish and for whatever reason don’t want to deal with us.I was damn lucky last night and it was a definite eye opener for me.

I just want to share this this story and make it a bit comical,but was not trying to mock the authorities as I think you presume.

That being said,It’s time for a beer. At home.

Yes, actually.

Yeah, me too. I just got a speeding ticket…and on that note everyone, the speed camera on Keelung Road just before Xin Hi is back in action after a long lull of inactivity. F*cking thing :fume:

i always slow down for a camera… cos you can never be sure when they’ve changed it…

I used to take a shortcut to work by doing an illegal U-turn under a bridge.I didn’t know it was illegal (everyone was doing it)until one day taiwan’s finest set up a trap to catch the illelal U-turners.Cop waves me over and says in chinese, “you speak Chinese?” I reply in Taiwanese, " Sorry,I don’t know how to speak Chinese." Cop starts laughing, haha, Lee gong di ee haha. While still laughing he explains that I must go to zebra crossings first and then go.With a big smile on his face he said I could go.I left with a big smile on my face thinking I just found a new way to get out a ticket. A few days later,same thing but different cop.Same question and same answer. No laugh and one ticket.Serfice to say,I now take a different route to work.

I also use Taiwanese to get out of tickets…I use “Lang-mmm-she-wah-tie-ay” Which means “I didn’t kill him!” . :laughing: :laughing:

Pushing a 200kg beast up and down hills for 150m,
checking spark plugs and air filters. My mate walked over,
flicked over the kill switch and called me an idiot.
(I already had him pushing me by this stage.)