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Stray Dog is finally going to bed after a difficult day that involved a dog bite, diarrhoea, and a broken-down car!

Stray Dog is walking the dogs after sleeping in way too late.

irishstu likes this… :thumbsup:

funk500 has sentenced you to 10,000 years of monkey judgment!

Naughtius is wondering if the monkey judgment is done by Monkey Jesus.

Naughtius is wondering if the monkey judgment is done by Monkey Jesus.[/quote]
funk500 explains to Naughtius that it depends if he accepts the charges.

scomargo has just poked you. :whistle:

You have a friend request from someone you avoided like the plague at school.

Stray Dog just learned that irishstu is so poor he had to avoid the plague at his school.

Jimi is :slight_smile: 2cu. Lolz! 3Q88!

Dragonbones is still Guan Yin (Guānyīn). Nothing to update.

You have 15 farmville requests and 1 Fuck OFF! request.

Muzha Man maintains his alpha status among those making under NT500,000 a year.

I just had some lunch, after picking up my son from school, and need to take a shower, but the weather is rainy and my mood is greasy, and I love my mother so much, and I am sad I won’t be vacationing in Hawaii in this lifetime, my kid just had his 39 month birthday and I love all of you my dear friends with the exception of the chief, urodacus, stray dog, funk 500, maoman, and I wanted to let you guys know my virtual pet mignone just graduated from doggy school and Sandman, oh yes Sandman, my life on [strike]face book[/strike] the flob is incomplete without him, and my best friend just went through a sordid divorce and I want all of you to pray for her and send positive vibes her way, and all those who are wearing red undies should change their status to reflect that in honour of the great nation with a red flag,…and…

Today was not my day. Dropped my coworkers brand new phone when he was showing it to me. Did not edit the wrong date on an article… twice. Fought with the page designer. Missed the deadline to pay my ticket as my seal went missing. I need a hug!!!

Housecat just sent you a hug.

Housecat had a three hour meeting today in which it was finally decided that all the work she did after the previous meeting should be thrown out and an entirely new project started instead.

awww hugs. On the bright side, at least you fought with someone. I haven’t had a fight in ages and you know what they say?? A bad fight is better than none at all. Chin up!

Stray Dog has come to realse that he may need to start Wall Photos and Chat threads.

:pray: I have been dying to post a pic of me on this forum for years! And no one talks to me anymore so a chat thread would be good!