Postal insurance - compulsory

Does anyone know the deal on postal insurance for international parcels? Is it really complusory and on what basis? And yes I know it isn’t expensive, etc, etc. I just want to focus on the compulsory nature here.

Any one dug into this one?


i sent stuff to Canada via chunghua post, the insurance wasn’t compulsory, so i paid extra for it, u could cheap out and not get it…just send your package uninsured…

That is my point. The staff at my local are insiting I get insurance. I even contacted the International section and they agreed. What Post Office do you use?

I’ve just said “no” at various POs around Taipei and it hasn’t been a problem. Maybe the beard and bottle of turpentine scares therm a little??

Just tell them u dont want insurance and send it, i sent mine from the post ofice in Nangang Software Park in Taipei,

Are they insisting or demanding? Maybe you have to go to another post office than :frowning:

I have a beard too but they insist. Now that I know it is possible to send without I’ll insist some more.

Just a follow up - I contacted the International Office and was told insurance was not compulsory and that they would ring the local Post Office and tell them. When I arrived, the local office still insisted insurance must be paid and that the International Office didn’t know what they were talking about.

In a bizzare twist the local office agreed to pay the insurance themselves!

A request for a copy of the law stating insurance was complusory got me a pained look.