Postal Service over the new year

I have checked the Postal Service website which has some info that leaves me a little confused. Are all services shut except those operating from the National Palace Museum? Need to send an international package before 25 Jan

Don’t know much about Chunghwa Post opening times at the moment, but I probably wouldn’t have waited until lunar new year to send it if you’re in a rush for it to arrive.

Do you just need the confirmation that you sent it before this date or something?

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Here on holidays and didn’t even think about the closure

I had to send a letter before CNY and checked the postal service website. IIRC that National Palace Museum thing is just a special limited collection service or something. I could be wrong and you could go there and try it. However, I suspect you are SOL until Jan 30. Maybe DHL or Fedex but I don’t know.

Edit: Thursday, that was their last day open.

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You can still send express mail via Chunghwa Post during CNY if your destination is not US, EU, HK, or Japan:

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