Posting pictures, I hope


I can finally post a picture! Yayyy! Here is the guy I picked up in Taiwan before and after, the above picture is him happy in Canada keeping his butt warm.

That is really incredible! :bravo:

How long did it take him to get his fur back?

Oh, wow! Great job!

When you see a dog in such a poor condition, you think it could never look healthy again, but as yours shows, they can look beautiful!

Nice! :slight_smile: :bravo: :notworthy:

Wow! That is awesome! My Bjorn is having some skin problems dealt with… his skin looked similar to that poor guy’s, but not nearly as severe.

Your boy is really handsome now!

Aww…he looks great! He looks pretty happy to be in Canada there!

Great to read success stories! Well done! :bravo:

Funny to look at the one dog sitting on the other dog in the snow. I can only imagine when your Taiwanese dog saw snow for the first time. “This stuff is cold, I think I’ll just sit on you if that’s OK”. :smiley:

Great jod Woodsprite! :notworthy:

The big white dog is indeed the kind of dog I mentioned in another thread. Just massive and yet so friendly and gentle. They are great dogs if you can afford to feed them. :wink:

Ahhh… Walking the dog in the snow, hearing the crackling under your boots because the ground is so cold, runny nose, pink cheeks…I miss that.


It took about three months for his fur to really be seen and another few after that for it to thicken up. He had about three weeks were I really considered getting him put down because he had no energy and just sat and scratched. I gave him to the end of the third week after the first two and the second to last day he went nuts playing. He was ugliest dog I have ever seen play, but it was it was so wonderful to see. Bobepine, my taiwan dog eats more than my Pyr, they actually eat very little for a dog of their size. As you can see he is very tolerant as not too many dogs let other dogs sit on them. I think he just knows that he is so big that these other dogs are not a threat to him in anyway, so why worry what they do, he can just sit on them if they get too irritating.

Allow me to share this one. “Slightly” modified by Dragonbones, ( :notworthy: ) One of my favorite pics of our cats, Minou and Tofu.


That is a great picture! How is mouse doing? Is he fitting in with your household?

[quote=“Woudsprite”]That is a great picture! How is mouse doing? Is he fitting in with your household?[/quote]Unfortunetly, this queen doesn’t like mice. :wink:

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This is my dog again, he recently had eye surgery for entropya(sp?) and this is him before and after. Also it seems that his skin condition, which I was very scared might be cronic is cleared up and doesn’t seem to be coming back, so I am very excited!