Posting Website

There are now a number of internet service providers who advertise on the internet that they will host your website for free or for very nominal charges.

Many of these ISPs even have “templates” which let you design a number of reasonably attractive website pages right on line.

I am however looking for something a bit different. Is it possible to have a type of “Posting Website”, where I could email data in to a specific address, and it would be automatically posted to the end of a webpage that I set up??

This would be ideal for maintaining diary entries for example, when I am travelling internationally and using computers in different countries.

Does anyone know of an inexpensive solution to this type of problem/need???

Have a look at the free Dreambook service:

Have a look at I use the free version for writing travel diaries. The pro version even has the post via email feature you want.

I would have to agree with hypermegaglobal. also give you a free place to host it. The hosting site it using is Posts to can either be uploaded to or ftp to your own site. The benefit of ftp to your site is that there are no ads.


RE: the site

There are actually a lot of bugs in this blogger software program. The site at even notes that people have been complaining about losing various days or weeks of postings.

This wouldn’t be a major problem if the program (and the site) were being actively maintained. However, it doesn’t seem that they are. When I checked several months ago, I saw these bug reports and I figured “What the heck, I will check back in a few months.”

Here six months down the road the website is unchanged. Are the people at too busy drinking beer everyday to work on their software or something?

I have tried to set up a weblog with this program and did indeed encounter the mentioned bugs. That was very frustrating. I tried the “work-arounds” that are suggested on the site, but with no results.

Basically speaking however, I am not interested in work-arounds. I am interested in a program that functions properly.

Does anyone know of an alternative method (software) for setting up these types of weblogs? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Richard, I’ve encountered one of the glitches at Blogger but they were easy to fix following their instructions. I think I remember reading that their parent company was bought/is being bought by Google (?) and there might be some changes in service.

There’s a Taiwan blog I follow that uses