(Postponed!) 10/20 The Lost Paradise Project V4.0 - Duke Dumont

Hey everyone,

We have very bad news, Duke Dumont has fallen ill last night and was not able to take a plane to Asia. He is still in London for now and will be stuck there for the next days to come.
As you all know, it has disappointed us as much as you guys….

But, the good news here is that the event is only postponed and we promise you to bring him another time and sometime soon in 2012. We will be confirming with you the exact dates in the coming days.

Here is a list of answers to all usual questions given in this situation:

  • For the people who have bought tickets in advanced, they do not have to worry, they will have access to this party for free and they will be able to keep their tickets for when the other date of the Duke Dumont Event will happen.

They also have the option to get reimbursed their ticket if they wish, we will be at the Nangang Factory on Saturday from 10pm -12am so we can give you back the ticket money. Or you can just contact one of us and we will do our best to reach you as soon as possible.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask, and again, sorry for this delay but sickness like the weather and police is an unpredictable element in life.