Pot calling the Kettle Black

Whilst I am a hardcore Taiwan supporter, I think that China’s claim over this lovely island is no more absurd than Taiwan’s claim over several island areas. Thank god the “R.O.C.” no longer claims Mongolia as its territory, but Taiwan still maintains a claim on the Spratly Islands which lie to the north-west of Borneo and to the Paracel Islands a little further north.

These territorial claims might make useful “cards” on the negotiation table but they are complete bullshit!!!

At least they have a physical presence there. More than you can say for China’s claims on Taiwan…

It is hypocrytical or at least it would be if ‘Taiwan’ were to take a consistent stance. To do this they would have to rename themselves ‘Taiwan’ and renounce their claims to those areas. Then they would have more strength to the claim. Butg then that might leave the tricky question of Jinmen and Mazu.


The people living in the disputed terrorities are the ultimate arbiters of who rules them, under the internationally recognized right of self-determination. Put the issue to a referendum to decide what’s fair.

Oh wait. Nobody lives on the Spratley Islands.