Pot Roast for the small kitchen

You will need:
a one burner stove
a fairly good size pot (with lid if you have one - if not, a plate will work)
about 3-5 pounds of pork or beef. Buy one or two of those pork roasts from your local supermarket.
some garlic
2-3 potatoes peeled and cut into about 8 pieces each
2-3 large carrots peeled and cut into bite size pieces
salt and pepper
some oil (I like olive oil but vegetable oil is fine)

Trim the fat on the meat so there is a little on the outside but it shouldn’t be more than 1/4 inch thick. Put about 1/2 cup of oil in the pan and heat very hot. Scewer the roast with a fork and place it in the pot with the oil. The oil is VERY hot so watch for spatters. Hold it on the bottom of the pan so that it browns. keep rotating the meat until there is a nice brown layer on all sides. This will keep some of the moisure in the meat while it cooks.
After the meet is browned, add water to the pot until it is to the top of the meat.
add about a Tablespoon of salt and a healthy addition of pepper. Use some peppercorns if you have them.
Add about a Tablespoon of crushed garlic - more if you are a garlic lover.
Turn the heat down to medium and boil for about 3 hours. Keep adding water to a level near the top of the meat. Cooking time will depend on the amount of meat in the pot but you should test after 2 hours. With the size of the roasts here, it should be done by then but certainly by 3 hours. If the meat is pink inside (not red), add the veggies and add more water to the top of the veggies. Cook these until you can easily stick a fork through the largest of the pieces of veggies.
When you think it’s done, remove from the burner. Fork the meat out onto a large plate and let it cool a bit before you try to slice it. It will probably be falling apart. Not to worry. Ladle the veggies into a bowl.
I use the left over stock water for some gravy but your meat and veggys are ready to eat. Enjoy
One pot, one plate, one fork - Pretty easy.

My gosh! That sounds so good.

Genius!..Pure Genius!

Thank You. :bravo: :bravo:

Good one! would you suggest lesser than medium heat? My gas ring is too hot I find, even on the lowest setting. I love food like this!
Nothin like meat’n’potatoes and veggies with gravy!

[quote=“canucktyuktuk”]Good one! would you suggest lesser than medium heat? My gas ring is too hot I find, even on the lowest setting. I love food like this!
Nothin like meat’n’potatoes and veggies with gravy![/quote]

With a very delicate touch I can half close off the burner gas supply pipe to keep the flow of gas low enough to do this sort of slow cooking. I’m thinking of buying an electric slow-cooker.

I’m in an all electric building so my “2 burner stove” consists of 2 mag lev hotplates. My medium may even be a bit high but the point is to keep it slow boiling for the cooking time. It’s really poppin’ your too hot. If there are no bubbles, too low. Anybody on for an easy meatloaf?

“If it’s ON, it’s ON at Kunungra”

Any special cuts of pork or beef you would prefer? The ones in the local Geant don’t look like they are in need of a trimming - would love to try this over the weekend, would more or less any type of regular pork do?

Thanks for your great recipes, you rock! :notworthy:

(Any more coming up?)

I agree. Geant trims their cuts down pretty well. As to the cut of meat, that’s the nice thing about a pot roast. Just about ANY fresh cut will work well. Try to find some with a little fat or marbeling in the meat. The ones at Geant, for me, are a little small so I get two. Their pork roasts really are good. The beef I use from Costco is their large chunk of round but it’s a little spendy and I like pork better anyway. Happy cooking and - - - enjoy! (now you’ve gone and done it. I will have to do a pot roast this week-end)

Dear Enigma,

I have “only” tried your meat loaf and your stew. The stew has been doe twice, and the second eat loaf will be done tonight, when my daughters pay me a visit.

That said, I am considering getting a Sunday pot roast together for them, they need as much exposure to northern european cooking as possible.

Also, if you have other recipes, you would really make me happy - you really seem to have a gift there. :notworthy:

A piece of cast iron plate metal, 1/4 inch is fine,placed over your gas burner will spread the heat evenly if using a gas burner. Any scrappie has it, just find the right size and bingo.

To add a nice little twang to that dish, add turnip or rutabega, if you can find them that is. If you can’t, then perhaps try a few thick slices of Daikon (bai lou bou). Trust me it really adds a delicious dimension to pot roast.

No offense but the vegetables you suggest need a quick flush down the loo. Maybe it’s just me but I WILL NOT put that crap in my food I dont give a crap what anybody thinks or what I should do to be politically correct. On the other hand - enjoy.