Potential Cheap Flight Option to Japan, HK, Korea

Peach airlines (a Japanese budget airline) based in Osaka has budget prices. They don’t book directly to the HK or Korea, so you buy the ticket to Osaka (hub) and then buy the next ticket to HK or Korea. All easy online.

I am considering a trip to Okinawa, and this currently looks like the cheapest option.

You may want to check out Hong Kong Airlines. I recently saw a flight to Naha, Okinawa for NT$20,000 for 2 persons. There’s a stopover in HK but I think that the air travel time is actually shorter.

20k to Okinawa for 2 persons sounds a little to expensive

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WTH, made a short search, since when did the process gone up so much?

The cheapest flight to Naha that I’ve been able to find is around NT10K per person (including all taxes and fees) give or take a few NT$100. Appreciate it if you let me know if you’ve found significantly cheaper flights.