POTS sidebar thing

Christ, what is up with that? How much are POTS paying you lot? Unnecessary clutter uglifying up the boards that is. If I want to read POTS, I’ll go to their bloody website. I come to Forumosa to read Forumosa, not POTS.

me runs away

You may come to Forumosa to read Forumosa, but what is discussed here is part of what people in Taiwan are talking about. This is also what you read about in POTS. From where I sit, there’s a lot of alignment here.

Guys, look at the bigger picture - POTS has been great about having a Forumosa column in their paper. So there will be people who read it who may not yet have heard about this website. So more people learn about Forumosa, and then can read what you post, and then (most important of all) may eventually contribute to the discussions here.

Omnium bonum!

The Sidebar Thingy is, IMHO, the very least we can offer POTS. Wait till I figure out how to put them in the discussion threads :smiling_imp:

Is Wolf still doing the writing on Forumosa for POTS. Who is Forumosa’s new scribe?

I understand the quid pro quo aspect, and the fact that there’s a definite audience overlap, but that thing is eating up a whopping portion of screen real estate, which I personally don’t think POTS warrants unless there is an official connection between the two (and even then I think it’s an ugly design decision). Why not something less intrusive, like a “news” ticker at the bottom of the screen, or a permanent banner down the bottom (or a similar thing to the sidebar, but placed at the bottom of the screen)? POTS offers an RSS feed, IIRC, and I’m sure that could be channeled into a ticker or similar. And that way it wouldn’t intrude on those of us who couldn’t give a shit about POTS. And to be honest, while I initially wrote off the “they’re going to sell out” things as conspiracy theories, this development doesn’t exactly instill confidence…

I agree with Tetsuo on this.

I agree with Tetsuo on this.[/quote]

I third that!!!

Or at the very least put it in an inline frame so those of us with Firefox and Adblock can block it completely.

Two reasons: (1) I don’t have the code handy - but I’m open to it if you can show me something more concrete.

(2) What you describe sounds like javascript – yuck. I recognize it’s a necessary evil, but I’ll minimize using it when I can. And if you show me something that is stable AND good looking, then I’m happy to implement it.

But please don’t forget - I don’t provide support Forumosa for a living (I work in marketing for a pharmaceutical company). I’d love to implement every good idea - really, I do. But please do not expect me to prioritize researching, and learning, and then implementing the next bell or whistle. Opportunity cost.

Now, if YOU can do it for us, let me know and we’ll set up a time to meet, talk and figure out if there is a way to work together (just expect the meeting to be late at night somewhere in downtown Taipei)

I’m not trying to instill confidence, I’m trying to find how Forumosa can work with others who offer something that we simply cannot do. POTS has a print run of 30,000 copies a week. If they are going to allow us to talk about, well, Forumosa, then we ought to offer at least that if not more.

I do not know how you came upon this website. But if you are like the majority of people who tell me how they heard of Forumosa, then it was dumb luck. Collaborating with POTS is supposed to increase the odds for more people. If working with a non-profit zine like POTS is “selling out” to you, then I am guilty as charged. I just wish I did it sooner than now.

Also, I couldn’t get their RSS to work with the phpBB templates. If you have any clue about this, then I’m all ears.

I did not notice any changes. :cluck:

I understand the motivation, really I do, but there had to have been better ways, just as easy, than that. What about that gigantic bit of white space at the bottom of each page?

I presume just moving that sidebar type deal down there wouldn’t involve much more work than slapping it to the side of the board, it wouldn’t have any impact on the layout of the board involved, and if the space down the bottom is good enough for a paying sponsor’s banner, why not for POTS?

Otherwise don’t get stroppy at me. Like my mother always said, if you can only do something half-arsed, don’t bother doing it at all.