Potty Training, Help!

I have a baffling problem with my dog…

she just won’t potty outside. She’s pooed only a handful of times and her walks usually clock in over an hour. I leave a little bit of the poo behind so she’ll find the spot again, but it’s rare when she’ll repeat. She’ll often wait until we’re back from the walk and sneakily potty when I look away for a second like going to the bathroom myself or when someone else is watching her. She doesn’t give trigger signals for when she’s about to go either, no sniffing and circling, just a ninja squat and go. I clean up the messes without making a commotion about it and wipe down the area with vinegar and I praise her the rare times she does go outside. I’ll stand in one spot for long stretches at a time but she doesn’t seem to get it at all, not even a social pee to add to the lamp posts.

She’s 6 months old but she’ll hold it over 13 hours at a go and her accident times are erratic even with scheduled feeding. I take her out whenever she acts distraught with whining…but they always end up being false alarms, no pottying at all. As for crate training, when I got her, she was already used to going in her own cage/kennel, so I have her bedroom trained instead, she won’t potty in the bedroom (with the exception of submission peeing, I know, she’s special). This is the first time I’ve had a dog that’s been this difficult to house train, can someone help me, please? :cry: