Power of Attorney and Drawing Up a Will in Taiwan

I’m leaving Taiwan in a few months. However, I’d like to assign power of attorney to a friend here. I plan on maintaining my APRC. In the event anything crops up while I’m away, I’d prefer my friend be able to deal with it without me having to fly back. Also, I’d like to draw up a will.

I know there’s an attorney’s business card shared here, but I’m wondering if anyone has direct experience with assigning a power of attorney to a friend here in Taiwan. Any recommendations? And has anyone drafted a will here? Again, any suggestions/recommendations are appreciated. I have a USA passport, if that makes a difference.

All it is is a simple contract and witnessed by a lawyer.

Mine is fluent in English and will be able to take care of that for you

You have a friend back in the States who’s an attorney? Maybe he/she could help you out. They need not be specializing in Will/Trust/Probate law, as wills are quite easy to draw up. Mine helped me for a case of good beer.
I’d think assigning someone “Power of Attorney” would be an extremely easy issue to handle, check online to see if it can be done without paying for a lawyer. You may however need to pay to get it notarized.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll contact the lawyer above.