Power outage

Power’s out here in Neihu. Neighbourhood is dark. Anyone else?

Nope. But heavy lightning in Longtan, I’ve got the flashlights on standby. My cat is pretty skittish as well.

Nopes all lit up!

I know the power in my neighbourhood will/can go out around midnight till 6am or something. I live in Neihu. They announced it some time ago.

Is that tonight? Wife hasn’t heard anything about it. Where’s your neighbourhood, in the Miramar area?

My bad, I think it was planned for this morning (10/06 00:00-06:00), so power should have been fine. My aunt was the one who told me this last weekend.

Anyway I have had power all evening so far and I live somewhere between Xihu and Jiannan Rd station.

I’m in there as well. Must have been just the few blocks around us.