Powerbook Airline Adapter

Does anyone know where I could buy one of these? Thanks Amos.

You can usually buy it once in the plane. look in the Duty Free catalog. It’s between 75 to 129 US$. Depending the Airline.

igorveni, are you talking about a stand alone one that will run from powerbook into plane seat socket or one that will simply attach onto your existing power adapter that comes with your mac. Damn, how to I say that clearer, mmm, if I bought on of those, would I also need to carry my ac power adapter with me? Thanks.


your looking for an Empower connector for you Mac…a bunch of online places sell the connector…just look for “Empower connector” in your browser…nice, I’ve got one for my dell.

Check out the adaptors from igo.com/ which will replace your regular power adaptor with ONE adaptor that will work on AC or DC (car or airplane), plus support your other accessories like phone, PDA, mp3 player, etc.

Thanks a lot guys. Amos.

Did you get one of these yet, amos?
I need one too, so let me know where and if you get one.
Are they diff for powerbooks?

I use the igo juice for my powerbook, works great. And you can power your cell phone from it also if you get another little adaptor thingy.