some of my friends recommend Plox.

kinda in the same boat as you.

But I ran into a bit of bad luck last week tho, food poisoning, puked my guts out, queasy stomach, couldn’t keep things down, and generally feeling weak. went to gym for my 1st workout since, felt weak.

I’m a powerlifter and will be moving to Taichung (hopefully that’s where I’ll find work) in about a month, anyone know a good gym in the city center area and/or good/cheap place to get supplements and protein?

Yeah, I used to do those back in the day, but I think I would have a hard time with dips right now, even without the weight! Dips with your feet on one bench and your hands on another is about what I can do now, including some extra weight resting on the legs.[/quote]

Someone more knowledgeable on this could probably correct me, but it’s my suspicion that being good at bodyweight exercises such as dips or chinups is really dependent upon being short and/or light, not to do with how strong you are in absolute terms. I had a friend who was seriously into lifting and could have easily blown me away on the sheer amount of weight he could have lifted on any exercise. Despite weighing 20-25% more than me, he probably could have benched, squatted, etc. way more than 120-125% of what I would have been able to lift. My squat would have been pitiful compared to his, and yet I would have been able to do plyometric jumps up several flights of stairs in a fraction of his time and with no rests. Likewise, he struggled to do even one pullup, while I could do things like an 8-rep, 15 minute pyramid (1 rep in the first minute, 2 reps in the second minute, etc. up to 8 reps in the eighth minute and then back down again to 1 rep in the fifteenth minute) at the time. I could guarantee that he’d have been able to blow me away on the lat pulldown though. Likewise, in high school P.E., when it came to chinups, the guys who were “big” and “strong” couldn’t compare to a few of the guys who were short, weighed maybe 65kg and didn’t look outwardly strong. I’ve noticed even with myself that weighing even just five kilos more can decimate my ability to do bodyweight exercises.