PowerPoint question

I’m using Power Point to make a slide show.

Now when I have linked files in slides (audio and video clips), it opens the file from whatever location it is in. I have all the clips in a folder. When I move the folder the slide can’t find the clips.

Obviously when I take the slide show to use on another computer it ain’t going to find the clips, even if I bring them with me. This must happen allthe time, so there must be an easy way to deal with it, but I’m new to Power Point, so don’t know what it is.

Help :s


The problem is related to the fact that the clips are associated with a path (c:\xxx\yyy\zzz\ …)- thus when you copy the folder make sure it has the exact same path as on your PC.

It’s a Microsoft product, so don’t expect things to be easy. :wink:

Seriously though, I didn’t find an option to edit the link of sound object. You can see it when you do a right click and select ‘Edit Sound Object’ but there seems to be no menu item where you could actually change it …


Assuming you are using at least Powerpoint 2000, then under the file menu, you should have an option called pack and go. This is a small wizard, which will allow you to pack all necessary files etc into one package to allow transfer to another PC, it resets the path structure that rascal is talking about as it packs things up.

Copy the resulting file to the other pc, double click and away you go.

Power point 2002 has an option in the File menu called Pack and Go. If you run this then it creates a setup file including all your linked files, which you can run on another computer.

Power Point 2003 has a similar option called Package for CD.

Damn you Traveller :raspberry:

Thanks guys, ‘Pack an Go’ is the feature that I knew must be there, but just couldn’t find.