Practical Audio-Visual Chinese 3rd Edition


I bought this book, with the mp3 before I briefly returned to the USA. While in the USA, I finally bought a new laptop. However, the laptop is so thin, there is no cd/dvd drive, so for this book, I continued to use my Old laptop.

When I returned to Taiwan last week, I brought this book, but left my bulky old laptop, with the cd/mp3 safely inside.

I am single, no way to get someone to retrieve the cd, copy and mail/email to me. Any ideas how I can obtain the audio without purchasing the book again?

Thank you,


If anyone has the book with the CD, they could image the CD for you and send it to you that way through the internet. Or rip the audio and send it. Alot of PAVC content is on YouTube too.

OK, thank you!

You may find this thread interesting:

I think I actually might have this at home. I’ll check when I get off work.

Thank you Hanna, it will be much appreciated! How’s the book working for you?

Unfortunately I’m wrong, the book I have is 2, not 3. But I do think it’s a good series. I hope you find a way to obtain the audio files!