Practice before test of Driving Licence

hi all,
I have a driving licence from my country and I wanna take a Taiwanese driving licence. I asked motor vehicle office and they told I can participate directly to exam.
but I should practice for few hrs and then participate to test, I’m looking for a driving school that they let me practice for 2hrs in their field test.
most of them said I should participate 35days class but it’s not fair, I know how to drive for 10 years but I just remember it. because I didn’t drive car last two years.

do you have some idea? where can I practice in the real field exam?

I suggest you go to a driving school, learn the Taiwan test, and the take the test.

The schools want a lot of money, but they don’t require you spend all the time practicing.

Find a school, learn the test, take the test, done.


thanks, it’s not fair! I should pay 10000 ntd !!!???

If you already have 10 years driving experience, then all you probably need to do is get used to the Taiwanese driving test / obstacle course.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Go to a driving school. Ask them to let you borrow their car for two hours, with an instructor for the first hour, and just you on your own for the second hour. This should cost no more than 2000 NTD.

  2. Get the instructor to show you the S-curve. It’s a manoeuvre that’s probably unique to Taiwan. You’ll need to perform it for the test, and then never again. Practise the S-curve until you can do it perfectly, without hitting the sides.

  3. Get the instructor to introduce the remainder of the obstacle course. There’s nothing of any real difficulty here. You just need to remember to do the right things at the right time.

  4. If you’ve ever found reverse parking to be difficult, then practice this for a bit.

  5. Continue to drive around the test circuit on your own for the remainder of the 2 hours.

  6. Leave, and go to your nearest 監理所 (vehicle licensing and driving test office).

  7. Sign up for the written and practical test. It should cost no more than a few hundred NTD if I recall. (I think I paid around 350 NTD, but that was five years ago.)

  8. Take the test, and marvel at the way in which it bears no resemblance to real-world traffic conditions.

  9. If you didn’t hit the kerb during the S-curve or the parking manoeuvre, then it’s likely you will have passed. Leave the 監理站 in a triumphant mood.

  10. As you leave the 監理站, take a look around at the other drivers on the road and consider this fact: nearly every single one of the drivers on the roads of Taiwan attained their licences with no hazard awareness training, no observation training, no training of how to correctly use one’s mirrors, no training of how to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front, no training of how to safely overtake, no training of how to safely change lanes, no training of how to safely indicate, no real training of how to yield to pedestrians, and no real-world experience of driving in difficult weather conditions.

Keep this fact in mind, and assume that every other driver is profoundly incompetent. Stay safe, and be happy!


my big problem is the first step,
do you know a driving school that let me to practice w/without instructor? (payment is not matter!
I have asked several schools, they told “only 35days training course”.

I just phoned around until I found a school that would let me practise for two hours on their test circuit. But keep in mind, this was five years ago, and in Tainan. I’m not sure if it’s harder in other cities, or if the regulations have changed to make things stricter.

It shouldn’t be hard to find a school willing to do this, because it’s easy money for them. (They just have to supply a car, and an instructor for the first hour.) But you may have to phone around a bit. Depending your Chinese language ability, it’s best to get someone who is fluent in Chinese and persuasive to call up the school.

I took my test at the Tainan 監理站 test track / obstacle course. The test centre supplied the car (which if I recall, was an ancient white Toyota).

I couldn’t find a place that would allow me use their practice grounds. So, I went to the test center, took down all the measurements, went to an open lot and drew the track with chalk. Practiced there, did the test and passed. First time.


If you have an International driving license issued by your country, you can just go to the MVD and get a Taiwanese driving license. I did that in 1991 without any problems, with my International driving license. If you really want to do the test, ask the driving school about the test day, go there and see what happens in those tests, they have alarm points in the parking, ramp, other areas of the test course, if you hit the points, the alarm sounds and you don’t pass the test. My son has done the test recently and he knows how to drive but needs to be very careful with those alarm points.

Many years ago you could convert any overseas license but now they go by reciprocity of the home country or state. There is a list on the DMV website.

I converted mine last year when my prior locale signed a deal with Taiwan. Before that no go.

I took got my DL here recently. Same, i’ve been driving close to 10 years but understand the driving test here is an obstacle and you never actually even go out and practice or take the test on the road. So even the most veteran drivers have been known to fail, especially without practice. i would highly recommend you practice the course and know what they expect you to do. All of it seems easy and really is if you practiced before. But without it, it can be tricky. For one, lets say I would parallel park in the real world. I can see where the cars are that i’m trying to fit into, and I can always pull out and start over with no stress if i took a bad angle. You can not start over and there’s no cars, maybe a cone to help you feel where you are. Backwards S can be weird if you never practice it before, there’s also no gauge of things, just lines that buzz if you go over it.

Or you could do what I did, just go and take the test, fail it and return a week later and pass. Cheaper than paying to rent a car the the practice center.

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You must have taken the test before May 1st? They changed the rules this year and you now have to take a road test in addition to the written test and closed-course test.