Practicing law in Taiwan? UK Law Student

Hey guys,

I’ll be graduating from the UK with my bachelors in Law (LLB) soon, as I’m half Taiwanese (Mom’s from Taiwan) that’s born and raised in Malaysia, I’d love to be able to come back to Taiwan to pursue a legal/semi-legal banking career.

Can I have some help with a few questions?

  1. If I were to come back to Taiwan, is LLB recognized by the Taiwanese Bar?
  2. If I choose not to pursue a ‘pure’ legal career, but to further my studies in Masters of Finance, would any of the world-recognized taiwanese university accept my enrollment with my current degree?
  3. Is all Taiwanese legal proceedings in chinese, or is some bi-lingual?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Interested in Similar info for my Gf.

  1. I have no idea. Apparently something to do with Common Law vs. Taiwan law makes it unrecognizable or something. Or that you have to get a PCLL first?
  2. Why not. Bear in mind that if you have a Taiwan ppt you’ll have to go through the local entrance exam/criteria which is harder apparently
  3. You would think some of the banking stuff that involves foreign companies would be bi-lingual…but …

This law stuff drives me crazy. I have seen a lot of knowledgeable Forumosan lawyers/in the legal-related field around. Let’s just hope they answer your questions.


The best way is to be admitted as an Attorney of Foreign Legal Affairs (AFLA) by the Taiwan bar. You need to have practiced for two years in the jurisdiction in which you have been licensed.

You can also be hired as an employee of a Taiwanese law firm even if you are not an AFLA. Your LLB can be recognized for this purpose.

Your degree will be recognized for a Masters in Finance degree. I know that National Taiwan University has a program in finance that admits Taiwanese students with an LLB. PM me if you want the name of the program. Tamkang University’s Banking and Finance dept. is well-regarded by the local financial industry and might be easier to get into than NTU.

All of Taiwan’s legal proceedings are conducted in Chinese and Chinese is essential for almost everyone in the field although there are still a few foreign lawyers who have no Chinese who practice in finance and securities.

Taiwan is a civil code jurisdiction based on the German model with a lot of influence from the US in banking, securities, and finance.

You best bet would be to practice in the UK, Hong Kong, or Singapore for a couple of years and then come to Taiwan. Real world experience outside Taiwan is highly valued. However, compenesation in Taiwan is generally far below what competent lawyers in those jurisdiction make.

In short, you can probably fashion a legal or finance career for yourself in Taiwan if you are flexible and proactive. Others have done it but it is very different from practicing in the UK.

Taiwanese legal proceedings are all in