Prayer on segue

I’m starting a thread on PRAYER. I heard prayer came from french word [i[prier[/i] which originally means to “love.”

Living overseas met us with many chalenges and difficulties in personal life, business life or social life. Sometimes we are beset with troubles and other times we feel blessed with plenty. We had our frustration and euphoria, our ups and downs.

I hope in this forum we can try to share our daily experience be it pain or happiness that we feel God has blessed us. This room is non denominational and not specific to any religion. Everyone is encourage to pray even if you don’t believe in God. I think we can still relate as human and encourage eachother in this short pilgrimage on earh.

May God bless all of you who read this post.


Prayer is very important. I discovered that yesterday. And the best kind of prayer is the practice which the Lord himself recommends to us, namely the chanting (sankirtan) of his holy names:


A lot of religions claim to be spiritual, but they are really trapped in nescience. But others are actually secretly reflective of Krishna’s divine loveplay. You see, Krisna has four kinds of avatars:

lilavatars, like Narasimha the man-lion
gunavatars–this one’s hard to explain
perushavatars, like Vishnu on the ocean of milk
shaktyaveshavatars–based on the divine energy shakti

So Buddha is a lilavatar, but Jesus would be a shaktyaveshavatar. Hope that helps!

Nice to see that you are still around vincent. Could anyone please change his moniker back to “village idiot”?

A good night prayer with my girls and then prying not to screw up usually does the trick for me.

Praying with your loved ones is one of the best way to build trust in eachother and it brings spiritual closeness in both of you.

Sure every religion prescribed prayer in every different way. Like Acintyabedhabedhananda who believes that chanting Hare Krishna is a form of prayer and it brings him and peace and rejoice he longs for.

I for one believe that prayer is an IDD call from human dimension to God’s dimension. We can see God the creator and human the creatures in different dimensions. As the creatures never understand their creator because they are of different dimension. But God of His overflowing love endowed us with prayer. It’s like an IDD call that let you reach him anytime. You can place a call anytime and share with him your burden and joy of the day. I believe that prayer equals to communication. We need to constantly communicate with Him to seek his devine guidance to direct us, correct us, and protect us.

Let’s pray for eachother…


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If god does indeed exist in another dimension, that would answer an awful lot of questions as to why he doesn’t do much in this universe any more. The IDD metaphor was good, but if god was omnipotent, he’d surely have his own website too.

try :slight_smile:


Actually, God’s homepage is:, including a free online absolution service