Prc passport holder


Hi my girlfriend is from Beijing . She was born there and is a holder of a PRC Passport . I am an Australian who will be going to Taiwan to work (as a teacher) is it possible for her to come and work/live here?
I have heard lots of different rumours but I dont know facts . She holds a degree and has had 2 yrs experience working in the field of international trade . She also had a grandfather who lived in Taiwan for fifty years . Is it possible for her to get a visa for Taiwan ? If so what kind ? Is there a chance that she will be hired by a company in Taiwan?


I am doing some research on your inquiry now, but in the meantime I would be interested to hear what sort of rumors you have heard.


thanks alot richard for looking into this .I cant tell u how much your help is appreciated. The rumour I heard was from chatting on ICQ that only recently people seeking work in Taiwan from the PRC were allowed , and that the area of employment was in the newspaper business . I have no idea if this is valid information or not.
Thanks again.


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